Israel is Pitiless and this Shows You Why

Israel is willing to commit more war crimes in defiance of the UN which is telling Tel Aviv that even wars have on!

Greedy Israeli army ready to kill more civilians? Photo by Billy Freeman / Unsplash

A tweet or post by the official Israeli account on X is defiant of the UN Geneva account that posted the following in red: Even wars have rules.

In reply to the UNG, the Israeli account says: 'Even Israelis deserve to live' as if Israelis are not living a great life in stolen properties.

Pitiless Israelis

Another post by another UN account on X spreads the same message that all wars have rules. This time it is with a blue background and a UN logo on the poster. Will the Israelis defy the rules of war and commit more crimes while both the UN and the International Criminal Court remain dumb-dumb?

Let us witness the biggest war crimes in modern times without doing anything. Is that it?