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<strong>Israeli Army Kills Two Palestinians In West Bank</strong>

<strong>Israeli Army Kills Two Palestinians In West Bank</strong>

IDF forces killed two Palestinians in an alleged confrontation when troops entered a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank, AP citing local health officials.

The Israeli military says it entered the town of Kafr Dan to demolish two homes of suspected Palestinian gunmen when the confrontation escalated. The two men were then shot and killed.

It’s the latest bloodshed in the region which has seen Israeli-Palestinian tensions rise for months.

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Two Palestinians Again

The two Palestinian gunmen were killed in a firefight with Israeli forces early Monday morning in a northern West Bank village, according to Palestinian media, as troops worked to demolish the homes of two gunmen who killed a military officer last year.

According to the Occupied Defense Forces, troops came under “massive gunfire” from Palestinian gunmen during the operation in Kafr Dan, north of Jenin.

Others threw explosives, stones, and Molotov cocktails at Israeli forces and set fire to tyres, according to the IDF.

Palestine is an occupied land