Israelis Fume At Alleged Malaysian Hacking Top Officials Accounts

Israelis Fume At Alleged Malaysian Hacking Top Officials Accounts

A Jerusalem Post columnist is fuming at the alleged Malaysian-Hamas hacking success story of top Israeli officials accounts and phone numbers.

Using the hashtag #IsraelKoyak more than half a million times, activists took direction from several social media groups and mass-spammed Israeli private and public accounts.

This was done to silence pro-Israel voices, says the columnist EMILY SCHRADER. She also claims she received at least 100,000 spam messages or tweets.

She quotes an unnamed report saying the activists also held coordinated campaigns to hack into social media accounts of major pro-Israel voices.

They locked their accounts and used the information from data leaks to spam private citizens and public officials on WhatsApp.

The JP commentary also says Malaysian trolls were able to obtain the personal phone number of IDF Arabic spokesperson Avichay Adraee. They locked his WhatsApp account during a military operation.


In another case, they got the phone number of a senior government employee from the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, forcing him to change his phone number.

The Malaysians left thousands of hateful comments on Gal Gadot’s post, ultimately leading her to turn off all comments. Gal Gadot-Varsano is an Israeli actress and model.

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz also got ‘spammed’ for his pro-Israel statements.

“New research on what happened during the operation shows an orchestrated and well-planned effort across social media platforms to target Israeli and Jewish users.

Using Telegram, activists in Malaysia used channels with thousands of followers such as “Team Suspend Twitter” in which they sent out lists of major pro-Israel accounts.”

Malaysian Troll Army

She blames a Facebook group called the “Malaysian Troll Army” which has over half a million followers for the attacks.

There is also the Al-Nuri group headed by a Malaysian they say, named Nadir Al-Nuri who has strong following on Telegram.

However, she admits there is no evidence and these are just suspicions!