Jungheinrich sees intralogistics opportunities in Asia

Jungheinrich sees intralogistics opportunities in Asia

APAC – 17 March 2022 – Jungheinrich, one of the world’s leading solution providers for intralogistics, is reaffirming its commitment to Asia with dedicated approaches on the innovation of automation, digitalisation and future-oriented energy systems from the company’s Strategy 2025+ plan.

Although the pandemic ravaged most economies, opportunities sparked in the Asia region. According to a global analyst report, Asia is projected to make up 57 percent of the global e-commerce logistics market growth from 2020 to 2025. Regional logistics firms are now realising that optimising traditional processes creates a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. This saves costs and encourages higher productivity.

“Jungheinrich recognises that as processes become more efficient and more sustainable, that leads to higher profitability. We are continuously committed to innovating towards warehouse automation solutions that are more flexible, adaptable, reliable and efficient, thereby ensuring long-term sustainability to deliver significantly faster returns on investments.” says Daniel Schaefer, Executive Director, Distributors and Business Development APAC.

Automation of intralogistics is the anchor of Jungheinrich’s Strategy 2025+. The company is intensifying its activities in digitalisation, as it expects market growth of between 7 and 10 percent. It has been vigorous in developing and growing its range of automated guided vehicles, automated warehouses, software, and robotics. The strategy focuses on tactical cooperation and acquisitions to further the company’s portfolio. Take in case its acquisition of arculus, a technology company in the autonomous mobile robots (AMR) sector.

Jungheinrich innovative solutions

Daniel Schaefer, Executive Director, Distributors and Business Development APAC

Intralogistics in Asia is seeing a massive movement towards utilising artificial intelligence and Big Data to transform the industry. Schaefer highlighted that by acquiring arculus, Jungheinrich has added highly innovative hardware and software solutions in the rapidly growing autonomous mobile robots’ sector to its existing portfolio of automation systems.

Asia’s demand for carbon offsets is picking up and more companies in global supply chains are seeking to lower their carbon footprint following the COP26 Glasgow Climate Pact in November 2021. Lithium-ion (Li-ion) powered forklift trucks are all the new rage with its energy density, small form, and fast charging capabilities and analyst firm Interact Analysis predicts that by 2028, Li-ion battery forklifts will constitute 75% of the global market. Jungheinrich’s fleet of lithium-ion powered trucks release 52 percent fewer carbon emissions than similar capacity diesel trucks.

With more than 1 million electric trucks in use around the world, Jungheinrich is an industry leader in warehouse electrical with its innovative energy systems. The company’s goal is to achieve a lithium-ion equipment ratio of over 70 per cent by 2025 among the trucks it sells.

Through Strategy 2025+, Jungheinrich is committed to creating sustainable value in its economic, environmental, and social value dimension, while placing the needs of all its stakeholders at the core of its activities. Schaefer further explained that with a comprehensive portfolio of material handling equipment, automatic systems and services, the company can offer customers tailored solutions for the challenges posed by Industry 4.0 from a single source.

“As a member of the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders initiative, Jungheinrich is taking a leading role in standing up against climate change. Jungheinrich’s commitment to a green initiative is seen in our operational and production processes. We are committed to support our clients in their sustainability goals. Such efforts have also seen Jungheinrich being accorded gold status consecutively from EcoVadis in recognition of our sustainable processes and systems.

Top one percent

“Jungheinrich is recognised being among the top one percent of the most sustainable companies worldwide. We are taking a leading role in standing up against climate change as a member of the 50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders initiative. As a pioneer in electric mobility and lithium-ion technology, we are committed to support our clients in their sustainability goals. In fact, such efforts saw Jungheinrich being awarded the Platinum Award in 2021 by the sustainability platform EcoVadis, as one of the top global companies championing sustainability.” Schaefer states.

While technology is key in moving the industry forward, Jungheinrich is always cognisant of the fact that it is a tool that needs to be compatible with human processes. This is the cornerstone of its “creating sustainable value” focus under Strategy 2025+ which reinforces the company’s objectives to strengthen processes for a more sustainable supply chain.

“Automation, digitalisation and sustainable practices are trends driving the future of intralogistics. To Jungheinrich, however, they are steadfast practices that the company has always been committed to and the foundations of its continued growth,” Schaefer emphasises.