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Katina Stefanova Set to Release NFTs Under a New Brand

Katina Stefanova Set to Release NFTs Under a New Brand

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 1, 2022 — Katina Stefanova, CEO of Marto, an investment management company, will enter the marketplace with NFTs, under a new brand, KasaGoldClub.

Marto is a boutique investment management firm that has always been at the forefront of the digital asset management space. Katian Stefanova says that “Marto serves family offices and institutional investors with substantial assets.

KasaGoldClub aims to democratize investing and provide access to retail investors to digital assets. Under the new brand KasaGlodClub, Katina Stefanova, and her partners are launching a portfolio of NFTs with a unique design.

Stefanova and KasaGoldClub

KasaGoldClub also includes a virtual reality gold mine that attracts a community of like-minded gold aficionados. In the past, some observers believed that Katian Stefanova had made the wrong decision to incorporate crypto assets in Marto’s investment options. Including board members like Scott Kalb, who reportedly had left Marto’s advisory board by the mutual decision because he did not like the firm’s engagement in cryptocurrencies in 2018.

Katina Stefanova and Marto’s stayed true to their strategy and commitment to crypto assets. Stefanova even argued that BTC is the trade of the decade.

Indeed, in the last decade, BTC has outperformed all other assets including equities and bonds. Investors who have had the stomach for the volatility that accompanies BTC have reaped huge gains.

“In the history of investing, BTC has been the biggest recorded upset that has brought democratization of investing at a huge scale.

“In fact, institutional investors and most very wealthy family offices have not participated in the games as much as many complete newcomers.”

Now Katian Stefanova considers NFT the next frontier to lead the democratization of investing and wants to be a part of making that reality. Early investors in KasaGoldClub NFTs can earn substantial returns over time.


Stefanova warns that such investments are not for the faint of heart and that significant volatility can be expected.

Katina Stefanova Founder of Marto feels more than optimistic about the success of the KasaGoldClub NFT. She sees a number of macro-economic, technology, and social trends that make KasaColdClub NFTs attractive. Each NFT has a unique identifier and there is a limited quantity available in the marketplace.

In such ways, NFT can be an asset that is hedged against inflation. Stefanova however warns that investors should diversify their inflation hedge portfolio with other inflation protection assets. The technology used for the creation and trading of NFTs is advancing quickly allowing for easier ways to purchase and trade NFTs safely.

Finally, KasaGoldClub has the added social benefit of creating a community of like-minded thinkers – creative, adventurous, and daring, that share a common passion and interest in gold as an asset

Information About The NFT

The idea of purchasing an NFT makes early adopters hesitant. However, old-school traders know to buy early or on negative news. Luc Faucheux, a trader, and one of Marco Capital’s former investment professionals shared his opinion when asked about Marto Capital’s future. He says: “An investor’s job might be generating a signal from detailed research and modeling, then the trading begins. But startup life requires knowing those nitty-gritty mechanics. People like Katina and other intuitional investors have brought an understanding of how to build a full-fledged investment operation. Stefanova thinks that the future of digital assets is huge. It all starts with Bitcoin and its underlying technology that enables the creation and transfer of digital value without middlemen.”

KasaGoldClub NFTs are not yet available for buyers. Katina Stefanova says that “the KasaGoldClub technology team is busy working on the implementation.” However, she believes the KasaGoldClub NFTs will be made available soon enough.
The buyers of a KasaGoldClub NFT will also own a unique share in the KasaGold virtual goldmine.

There are very few players like Katina Stefanova in the digital space that combine deep understanding and experience of the institutional market space with a passion for disruption and innovation. Stefanova has been a thought-leader in disruption of asset management for almost a decade which has allowed Marto to innovate on unique client solutions ranging from thematic portfolio construction to customizable investments, and early incorporation of crypto assets for portfolio diversification. With KasaGoldClub, she hopes to bring the same passion for innovation to make investing more accessible to a wide variety of investors that typically would not have access to top-notch investment solutions.

About Katina Stefanova

Katina Stefanova is the founder and CEO of Marto Capital. She is also a contributor to Forbes and has also written numerous articles for TechCrunch and RealClearMarkets. You can read more about her articles and contributions to Muck Rack. /