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LA Foster Teens Are Gifted Cryptocurrency, 1 Year of NFT and Crypto Education

LA Foster Teens Are Gifted Cryptocurrency, 1 Year of NFT and Crypto Education

LOS ANGELES, Dec 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — .Paak House co-founder, and founder of Global Management Group, Carrie Lyn hosts United Friends of Children Foster Youth in 8th Annual Holiday High Tea and gifts cryptocurrency for each of them. 

This Holiday High Tea is organized to raise more well-rounded, self-aware, accountable, young women that break barriers for our Future World, while giving them an experience and access to support that they may not ever have had before. 

Each of the Girls were VIP GUESTS, rising to the occasion, presenting answers to their 6 questions provided prior to the event. This year’s theme of questions was based on Mental health awareness, coming out of quarantine and financial literacy as it pertains to cryptocurrency and NFTs. 

Many of the girls did not know anyone else there, and yet were able to bond and share hardships and things they found to be helpful to “get through” challenging times. This was a safe space to be vulnerable and learn from each other’s experiences. 

The Girls knew nothing of Cryptocurrency, but Lyn was able to give them examples that lit their eyes up with understanding. The girls were gifted cryptocurrency assets that will be doubled after completion of a 1-year cryptocurrency and NFT educational program she is providing for them. 

Topping off the event, each of them were gifted an amazing ALO Yoga bag full of goodies and were able to explore the Getty. 

Notable Sponsors Included: The Cynthia FoundationXyionLet’s GiveAlo Yoga, 8AM, VeeFriends/Gary Vee and more. 

“My mission in life is to create an impact that will last longer than my life on Earth.” – Carrie Lyn 

Lyn first tapped in with United Friends of Children for her .Paak House Beyond the Streets initiative that focused on the reality that “Your circumstances do NOT determine your OUTCOME.” With that, she saw even more so the need and value that she could provide to the youth. 

It’s impressive with how hands-on Lyn is, regardless of the growth of these impactful events. We will be looking out for what’s to come in 2022! 

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