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Legend Holdings Setting The Stage For Green Growth

Legend Holdings Setting The Stage For Green Growth

Adhering to green growth, playing the full strength as a chain leader, and actively fulfilling corporate social responsibility there are the aims set by Legend Holdings.

“Legend Holdings is committed to promoting green development philosophy through the efforts of its portfolio companies to seize the green development opportunities, and jointly build an ecological civilization,” the company says in a media release.

One of the company’s arm, Lenovo, has set a goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, transforming into “net-zero carbon emission plants” on the basis of its state-level green plants.

The Company continues to create and provide smart solutions that facilitate the green transformation, empowering over 300 top industrial enterprises in China.

Green Bonds

Levima Advanced Materials focused on the development of new energy (green) materials and biodegradable materials on top of its existing EVA photovoltaic film business.

BIL helped Chinese companies issue overseas green bonds to facilitate the development of green finance; at the same time, Legend Capital, Legend Star, Zhengqi Holdings, etc. have further expanded investments in related fields to promote innovation and technological progress.

Lenovo and Supply Chain

In terms of industrial chain, Legend Holdings promoted its subsidiaries to give full play to their advantages in operations and supply chains and assisted the coordinated development across the industrial chains.

Lenovo was named a Gartner Global 25 Supply Chain for the eighth consecutive time. 90% of its manufacturing was from China, with 2,000 level-1 suppliers, directly providing more than 350,000 jobs.

Levima Advanced Materials continued to make efforts in the field of new materials, expanding vertically to the upstream of the industrial chain while horizontally expanding to new segments, driving the mutual development with SMEs.


Corporate social responsibility is an important part of Legend Holdings’ overall strategy. The Company actively responds to the national call to steadily promote the implementation of the national employment stabilization policy within the family group, and carefully formulated and closely tracked various recruitment plans.

“While extensively attracting social talents, it focused on the recruitment of fresh graduates from colleges and universities, and actively expanded the scale of recruitment.

“In terms of public welfare undertakings, Legend Holdings has long focused on key areas such as fostering start-ups, contributing to rural revitalization, promoting social integrity and responding to disasters for years and insists on investing and carrying out relevant work effectively,” the company statement says.