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Let's Find What Dall-E Will Do For Coca-Cola

Let's Find What Dall-E Will Do For Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is set to revamp its marketing strategy using OpenAI-derived tools, including ChatGPT and DALL-E, to integrate generative AI tools into its wider marketing strategy in partnership with Bain consultancy.

The partnership between Bain and OpenAI, which was announced earlier this year, aims to use AI tools to develop highly personalized ad copy, rich imagery, and targeted messaging for leading product and service marketers. The move is driven by a desire to deliver personalization at scale, and increase turnaround times for marketers.

Coca-Cola an early mover

While AI presents significant opportunities for early movers such as Coca-Cola, there are also potential risks associated with the technology. For example, AI is vulnerable to manipulation, and if it is fed biased data it can produce biased output, with potentially negative implications for global economic and political events. Furthermore, AI-generated artwork cannot be copyrighted or credited to a human author, which raises concerns around copyright and unauthorized use of data.

However, despite the risks, there are considerable benefits to being an early mover in the AI space, particularly for global brands such as Coca-Cola. Fast-tracking analysis of existing campaigns and optimizing future marketing activities using generative AI systems can help marketing departments to create a diverse range of customized, multi-channel content, graphics, and videos to appeal to local consumers.

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Virtuous circle

Overall, the partnership between Coca-Cola and Bain offers a virtuous circle of shared data and safety, which benefits all players. While the focus of the partnerships at the moment is largely on CPMGs, there are other sectors that are likely to benefit more from partnerships like that between OpenAI and Bain, such as health and pharma. As more verticals enter this space, partnerships like this are likely to become more common.

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