Lexus tempts with its new battery EV "RZ"

Lexus tempts with its new battery EV "RZ"

Toyota’s premium carmaker, Lexus, is tempting users and experts with the ‘announcement‘ that it will reveal or unveil its battery-electric vehicle or EV on Wednesday, April 20th, at 6 a.m. ET.

The Lexus RZ is the brand’s first-ever dedicated battery-electric vehicle.

It also provided two teaser photos, one of which shows a steering yoke, and they look awesome. However, the company is adding more to the ‘mystery’ saying it will also reveal its new battery for the electric vehicle, dubbed the “RZ”.

When Toyota’s next-generation, long-range EV, the BZ4X, is unveiled later this year, it will also include an optional yoke.

The company looks to be drawing design inspiration from Tesla, which includes a yoke in the Model S Plaid.

For those who do not want to go full yoke, the BZ4X will also come with a normal steering wheel and system.

It’s unclear if Lexus would sell a non-yoke version of their future EV, dubbed the RZ.

From EV to low-cost camera

On the other hand, Woven Planet, a Toyota Motor (7203.T) subsidiary, has joined Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) in attempting to enhance self-driving technology without the need of pricey sensors such as lidars.

Woven Planet told Reuters that it is able to collect data and efficiently train its self-driving system using low-cost cameras, a “breakthrough” that it expects will help drive down prices and scale out the technology.