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LustCoins building new L Land NFT marketplace

LustCoins building new L Land NFT marketplace

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, February 25, 2022 — Fueled by the sector’s growth, which hit over $31 billion in February 2021, new models for the use of NFTs will continue to emerge. LustCoins, a next-generation crypto project that puts the power of blockchain.

The plan is to use for social good as well as profits, is one such group leveraging the popularity of NFTs in its latest project, an NFT marketplace called L Land.

Following the release of LUST NFT’s first collection in September 2021 on the Polygon network on, the team has now begun to build out its marketplace.

Their plan is to deliver a marketplace that rivals OpenSea in quality and functionality. Delivery of the L Land marketplace is expected towards the end of Q1 2022.

LustCoins’ L Land marketplace will run on the BNB Smart Chain, ETH and Polygon networks at launch and will later add Solana. Buyers will be able to buy and sell NFTs on these marketplaces, and those who use Lust and LWP tokens will pay zero transaction fees.

The Lust development team announced that they are looking into blockchain data storage projects such as Filecoin and AR for partnerships to bring one of the most important initiatives of their platforms to fruition—video NFTs. The team believes this innovation will redefine the future of video by creating new ownership and delivery models for video content.

The team behind LustCoins

The team behind Lust will also be releasing training materials and step-by-step tutorials to teach anyone who wishes to launch their own collection on the L Land NFT platform how to do so. The LustCoins community has indicated it is eager for the marketplace to launch, with many members already workshopping NFT collections they intend to list.

The NFT marketplace will provide another utility for Lust following its foray into the world of DeFi exchange (LWAP), with additional projects to follow. Based on the project’s team report, LustCoins is aiming to put its focus on humanitarian projects to start with and support charity projects.

The platform will offer free artist sponsorship, minting, trading and promotion for various humanitarian projects, including, but not limited to, refugee support, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, those living in poverty, education for disadvantaged children, clean water supply and disability support.

“Lust was never intended to be just another meme/hype coin. The vision behind all technical and financial aspects of the project, its true utility, an eager community and dedicated developers will ensure the success of Lust for years to come,” said a LustCoins official.

“There is tremendous room for growth and utility integrations. Investors will want to make Lust a long-term hold and be part of this unique project that will grow their returns.”

Lust is currently available on PancakeSwap and P2PB2B and is already listed on Coinsbit. Lbank will follow in the next few weeks, with plans to launch on additional exchanges soon. Developers have their eyes on a handful of exchanges, including KuCoin, Houbi, Gate and OKX.