Malaysia: More than 50 Lion members help distribute relief items

Malaysia: More than 50 Lion members help distribute relief items

As Lions, we believe that kindness matters. We are guided by our founder, Melvin Jones, who said “you can’t get very far until you start doing something for someone else.”  That’s why when disaster strikes, whether it be in Malaysia, Indonesia or anywhere else around the world, we take action.

The recent flood disaster in Malaysia has been challenging, to say the least, and it has put a lot of pressure on the affected citizens and our front liners. The past 2 weeks saw how our government agencies, NGOS and even common citizens continue to devote their time and energy to help the victims of this disaster as hundreds and thousands of people are being evacuated. Oftentimes going above and beyond the call of duty in carrying out their respective tasks for the benefit of the nation during this time.

Concurrently with the relief efforts of government and NGOs the Selangor Lions Alert Committee of Lions Club International District 308B2 recently took the initiative to raise over RM 300,000 (RM135,000 in cash donation) and over RM165,000 of donations in kind mainly from among the members of Lions Clubs for the flood victims in Selangor within just a few days.  

‘It is true that we cannot avoid natural disasters; but what we can do is to try to reduce the impact.  We certainly can help others who are in need’, said Datuk Ong Theng Soon, organising chairperson of this flood relief initiative and also District Chairperson for the Alert Team in Selangor.

From the funds, the committee purchased 500 sets of food provisions, electric kettle, gas stove, rice cooker, hygiene kits and cleaning item and they were delivered to over 500 families in Taman Sri Naning, Hulu Langat on 1st January 2022 after the said area experienced unprecedented  flooding and catastrophic damage to property. 

Chief Coordinator Lion Marilyn Gwee added, ‘The Disaster Committee will conduct a needs assessment of areas most severely affected by the flood and coordinate relief efforts accordingly.’ 

More than 50 Lion members were present to help distributing the relief items to the affected families home lead by our Team Lead Lion Simon Tan from Lions Club of Kajang.

The weather were bad and road were congested that makes the distributing much more challenging added on by Lion Gary Wong from Lions Club of Kota Kemuning.

Also present in Hulu Langat were District Governor Michel Yee, Loy Kwee Keow and Alan Thoo, 1st and 2nd Vice District Governor of District 308 B2. 

The Selangor Lions Alert Team constantly requires financial or material support til the recovery for the flood victims. 

The team can be contacted via Whatsapp +6017-7735188 or log in to www.Facebook.con/308B2Lions.