Malaysian Faces False Accusation of Sexual Harassment in Tokyo

Malaysian Faces False Accusation of Sexual Harassment in Tokyo

A Tokyo-based Malaysian man recently experienced an incident of false accusations of sexual harassment. Kamal Zharif shared the unfortunate encounter in a thread on his Twitter account.

While working late one night, a woman attempted to pay for her items with her card. Kamal touched the card to assist the customer and she immediately claimed his actions were considered sexual harassment.

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Ketika hendak membuat pembayaran di kaunter, dia kata, “Mahu bayar menggunakan kad, boleh?”

Saya kata, “Boleh,” dan saya cuba untuk mengambil kad yang dihulurnya.

Baru sahaja sentuh kadnya dan terus dia cakap, “Awak pegang ini bermaksud sexual harassment.”

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When about to pay at the counter, he said, “Want to pay with a card, okay?”

I said, “Sure,” and I tried to take the card he held out.

Just touched the card and he said, “You are holding this means sexual harassment.”

Kamal Zharif is a writer and actor based in Tokyo. He has been living in Tokyo for the last nine years and he is famous for his writing of I’m A Backpacker: Japan.

False Accusation for Financial Gains

Kamal was able to clear his name due to his employer’s swift response and Google’s rectification of the false feedback. Kamal went on to point out that in Japan, there have been instances of women falsely claiming sexual harassment for financial gain.

[snippet thread with Google review by his employer on Twitter]

You can read the full thread here on Twitter.

This incident in Tokyo, Japan highlights the risk men take when interacting with women and how some women take advantage of unsuspecting men. This case serves as a reminder to be mindful of the potential consequences of interactions with women. Men should remain vigilant in all of their interactions with women in order to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Last Friday, Japan’s the Justice Ministry said it plans to revise a sexual offence of non consensual intercourse as part of Penal Code reforms including raising the age of sexual consent from 13 to 16.