Maneesh Gobin The Accidental PM?

Maneesh Gobin The Accidental PM?

A trip to India that was a swift trip and the result could be massive for the MSM in power and for both Maneesh Gobin and PM Pravind Jugnauth.

Last week in a report we said there might be a cabinet reshuffle on the cards and a new post of DPM may be created.

We also said Maneesh Gobin, Attorney General & Minister of Agro-Industry and Food Security is well placed for the post though we have no hint whether the current DPM, Obeegadoo will remain in post or there will be two DPMs.

Nevertheless, the latest info we have is that Gobin went to India on a swift visit and he went to discuss the return of Mr Moustache and team for an investigation in the snooping incident.

Since the Indians are not going to make another trip to Mauritius where they are fully compromised, Gobin was told they could make a video appearance to explain what they were doing at the Baie de Jacotet.

Indeed, they are not going to tell the whole truth. But that’s beside the point of Gobin’s visit.

The latter touched base with the funders of the MSM and discussed the potential of a replacement of Jugnauth as the leader of the party.

Though the Indian funders did not agree on the details of Gobin’s move, Jugnauth was told that a possible scenario is Jugnauth is deputised with Gobin as the number one DPM.

The other scenario is if Jugnauth has to step down since the pressure is immense against him both in the government and in the streets, Gobin could become the accidental PM.