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Maxim E-hailing Distributes 7,000 Food Packs in Ramadan Charity

By participating in Ramadan’s spirit of generosity with food packs distribution, Maxim hopes to bring joy and happiness to recipients while promoting its services.

Maxim e-hailing in a CSR Ramadan mission

Maxim E-hailing conducted 16 charity programs during Ramadan, distributing 7,000 packs of food across various locations in Malaysia. The initiative aimed to spread the spirit of Ramadan, build relationships with locals, and create a positive image for the company. 

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Director Mohd Hazwan emphasized their commitment to community impact. Collaborating with mosques, orphanages, and bazaars, Maxim distributed food during Iftar, fostering connections with users. This effort not only strengthens community ties but also enhances Maxim’s visibility and reputation. 

Maxim E-hailing Food Packs

By participating in Ramadan’s spirit of generosity, Maxim hopes to bring joy and happiness to recipients while promoting its services.

“The event brings much joy and smiles to the recipients. Our company is dedicated to making a positive impact in the community by giving out food for charity during Ramadhan. Through our efforts to provide food for those who are fasting, we aim to interact with the community and uplift those who require assistance. 

“It is our commitment to play a role in making this kind of activity and making a difference in the lives of others,” says Mohd Hazwan, Director of Maxim E-hailing Malaysia

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