State-owned energy firm Gasum says Russia has stopped supplying natural gas to Finland but the Europeans are doing everything not to burn coal for survival.

It’s a game of Russian roulette for European countries, especially those that rely heavily on Russian gas. You pay in roubles, and you get the gas. You pay in dollars, but you don’t get the gas.

To punish Russia for its war in Ukraine, supporters of the United States have used sanctions as an economic weapon.

However, this has ramifications. Russia has begun to sell its oil and gas in its own currency, which is unusual in the international market.

Why don’t you use the Euro to buy anything on the international market that isn’t made in the United States? This is because the United States dominates and dictates. But Moscow has had enough of this Yankee nonsense.

Everything in U.S. dollar

One might wonder why, but everything must be paid in US dollars. To do so, you must have US dollars in your central bank account in order to buy Russian or any other country’s gas.

That means buying U.S. dollars at any price to stock them up for these countries to be able to buy goods on the international market.

It makes no sense to us, but it makes perfect sense to the smarty pants in Europe, where they have both their own currencies and the Euro. Why don’t they use their Euro to buy those product? Maybe, just maybe, because the Euro is not an ‘internationally’ recognised currency? Sarcasm.

Finland has thus, bravely refused to pay for its supplies of gas in Russian roubles. They hate the roubles, its trouble.

But Finland is now applying for the Nato membership. While this has nothing to do with the supply of gas or the roubles, it bring more trouble on the frontier between Russia and Finland.

Now, Nato will be parking its bases right on the border with Russia. Russia does not seem to have the ability to invade Finland, now that the western media has said its army has been devastated in Ukraine.

But despite the conflict in Ukraine, Russia continues to supply gas to a number of European countries.

Following Western sanctions against Russia for the war, Russia stated that “unfriendly” countries must pay for gas in Russian currency, a move the EU regards as blackmail.

Burning coal

Winter in Europe can be very harsh and Russian gas has helped to keep the Europeans warm

But the EU does not regard the fact that one MUST pay in U.S. dollars as a blackmail? It get funnier.

The Commission proposes, with the 2030 Climate Target Plan, raising the EU’s ambition to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55 percent below 1990 levels by 2030.

This is fantastic. By the end of the year, the European Union intends to prohibit all purchases of Russian oil. Which is the easiest thing to do. It is not that easy to banish Russian gas, outright. And it is taking a long time for the EUs to ban Russian oil too. A year is a long time.

And here is no agreement or unity among EU members on halting Russian gas imports.

All this is because the EU does not want to return to the burning of coal while they are attacking the rest of the world, particularly the third world they exploited for hundreds of years, for burning coal.

Imagine going to Europe and seeing families cooking on stoves where coal is used to make their food, keep them warm during the harsh winters and so on?

This is one way of putting it when we ask the question whether the EU can live without Russian energy!