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Metaverse event held in Sichuan Tianfu New Area

Metaverse event held in Sichuan Tianfu New Area

CHENGDU, China, May 6, 2022 — On May 5, the Sichuan Tianfu International Convention and Exhibition Co hosted the 2022 First Tianfu Metaverse Conference, which was organised by the Tianfu Metaverse Industry Association.

On May 5, 2022, a person’s avatar attends the online exhibition area of the First Tianfu Metaverse Conference.

Representatives from domestic and international enterprises, associations, and government departments, as well as experts and scholars, were invited to the conference to share their perspectives on the metaverse’s future development.

They also demonstrated metaverse-related technology and products, and promote the metaverse industry’s growth.

Metaverse and digital-twin tech

The conference was hosted both online and offline, and it showcased a new digital, virtual, interactive, and immersive vision of the metaverse.

The organisers used digital-twins technology to create a virtual reproduction of the Tianfu International Convention Center’s meeting hall, providing an immersive experience of an online conference.

The event also included an online exhibition area where 19 metaverse-focused businesses could show off their latest technology, goods, and applications.

During the meeting, the Tianfu Metaverse Industry Association formally formed 12 metaverse research institutes to encourage scientists, entrepreneurs, and artists to explore the metaverse ecosystem and promote the metaverse’s deployment in society.

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