Metro Star Creates An Investment Fever Along Ho Chi Minh City's First Metro Line

Metro Star Creates An Investment Fever Along Ho Chi Minh City's First Metro Line

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Dec 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With the superior advantage of being a unique location right at the largest roundabout on Hanoi Highway, close to District 2, on the most beautiful Boulevard in the East of Saigon, connecting to Ring 2 via Pham Van Dong and Mai Chi Tho Boulevards, it is very fast and convenient to go to the directions of East, West, South, North. In particular, Metro Star is also a rare project with a pedestrian bridge that connects directly with Metro Station No. 10 to central stations of District 1.

Moreover, Metro Star also possesses a great attraction when it converges Singaporean design quintessence inspired by Gardens by the Bay and a green living space of Singapore – the lion island nation, which is very effective and close to Vietnamese people; there is a unique shopping – entertainment – food street according to the model of Meyongdong Street (Korea) appeared for the first time in Vietnam, etc. All of them promise to create the most outstanding feature for Thu Duc young city and the East of Saigon.

Recently, the newspapers reported that apartments in one project in Thu Thiem ward – Thu Duc City can cost up to 160 million VND/m2 and another in An Khanh ward – Thu Duc City can cost up to 450 million VND/m2 but there are still plenty of buyers. If Thu Duc City is divided into Districts of 1, 2, 3,… as the old downtown of Saigon, then Truong Tho ward, surrounding Metro Station No.10 will undoubtedly be the city’s administrative hub, also called “District 1”.

Furthermore, there have recently been rumours that Metro Star at Metro Station No.10 will launch the second batch of selling units for only 61 million VND/m2 of an apartment and 121 million VND/m2 of a shophouse, which has piqued the interest of property purchasers. Besides, when compared to other projects in “Thu Duc City’s District 1”, the prices represent an excellent opportunity for homebuyers and investors.

With the commitment of construction of a floor for 6 days of the contractor CC14 (under Construction Corporation No. 1) and completed legal documents, the project will hand over the shophouses and apartments from the third quarter of 2022.