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More Are Calling for a Green ICT Network Index System

More Are Calling for a Green ICT Network Index System

[Shenzhen, China, July 23, 2022] Representatives from multiple ICT industry organisations and enterprises called for the establishment of a green, low- carbon ICT network index system today at Huawei’s Green Development Solution Launch during Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week.

The organisations backing this move include the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, and Huawei.

Ryan Ding, President of Huawei Carrier BG, opened the event by explaining how improving the energy efficiency of existing ICT infrastructure will be key for the development of the ICT industry: “In the next five to ten years, the increase in carbon emissions generated by exploding data traffic will become a global problem that must be tackled. Energy efficiency improvement is our best tool for addressing the conflict between increasing energy consumption and green development.”

Other speakers agreed that a comprehensive index system to evaluate the energy efficiency of network infrastructure in all scenarios is needed that measures network O&M efficiency, overall network efficiency, and site equipment and energy auxiliary equipment efficiency.

A Green ICT System

Various speakers touched on the different requirements they would have of such a system, including the ability to coordinate energy conservation and the digital economy efforts and support the development of new ICT infrastructure goals. Three goals in particular were mentioned by multiple stakeholders:

A platform that can visualize and manage index data: Visualizing network equipment energy consumption and efficiency and developing unified measurement formulas and algorithms would allow network infrastructure indicator data to be more effectively acquired, reported, counted, and presented.

Automated indicator optimization capabilities: Further exploration of artificial intelligence applications would also help operators achieve automated management of this kind of index system. Unified, industry-wide standards would help support efficient and automated indicator collection and measurement, so that integrated energy efficiency management platforms can then optimize network energy efficiency in real time.

Guidance for low-carbon network infrastructure construction: The index system should be constantly evaluated and optimized to better accelerate the development of green and low-carbon 5G networks, data centers, and all-optical networks, drive innovation in network energy- efficiency technology, and facilitate green, low-carbon, and efficient network infrastructure.

Innovation and collaboration

Concluding the event, Dr. Philip Song, Huawei Carrier BG’s Chief Marketing Officer, says, “As major industry players, it’s our job to work together for innovation and collaboration in multiple domains, establish a network energy efficiency indicator and standard system to build consensus, facilitate ICT decarbonization, and contribute to a more prosperous global ICT industry.”

Other guests who participated in the online event include CCSA Secretary General Wen Ku, CAICT Chief Engineer Ao Li, China Mobile Group Design Institute President Sun Weidong, China Unicom Information Technology Designing & Consulting Institute Chairman Zhang Yong, and China Telecom Research Institute Vice President Cai Kang.

The Win-Win·Huawei Innovation Week is held from July 18 to July 21 in Shenzhen, China. Together with global operators, industry professionals, and opinion leaders, we dive into topics such as 5.5G, green development, and digital transformation to envision shared success in the digital economy. For more information, please visit: innovation-week.