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More news about companies in Malaysia

More news about companies in Malaysia

In this segment, we bring the latest briefs on the latest corporate and business development on companies based in Malaysia.

OpenSys has deployed its Smart CIT secure logistics and cash management solution for TNB in order to improve process efficiency and reduce total processing costs by up to 33%.

The supplier of financial services, telecommunications, and utility solutions stated that it plans to complete the installation of its Smart CIT solution across all 114 TNB retail shops in the first quarter of 2022.

Sime Darby & TCS

Sime Darby Plantation’s foreign ownership has returned to an all-time low. As of January, Sime Darby Plantation’s foreign shareholding has fallen even more, reverting to a prior record low. The foreign stake of the plantation company fell to 8.94 percent in January from 8.99 percent in December 2021. 

TCS was given a construction assignment.
TCS has been awarded an RM255 million contract by Remedy Power SB to undertake the foundation and principal construction works for a mixed-use development project in Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur.

The 5G story

Ericsson dynamic radio resource partitioning will be used in DNB’s 5G network.
DNB’s 5G network will be the world’s first commercial network to use Ericsson’s dynamic radio resource partitioning (DRP), a RAN slicing solution for 5G radio access networks (RANs). The DRP enables six mobile network operators to provide customised 5G services with assured performance, while also assuring configurable spectrum resource sharing across mobile network operators (MNOs) utilising DNB’s 5G network.


Wegmans proposes a one-for-four bonus warrant issue.
Wegmans proposed issuing up to 168.76 million free warrants at a rate of one warrant C for every four existing ordinary shares.

Other companies

Alam Maritim Resources has been awarded an RM52 million contract for the Cendor Pipeline Project.
Alam Maritim stated that it has obtained a Letter of Award from Petrofac Malaysia for an RM52 million contract for the Cendor Pipeline Project.

It has been secured by its wholly-owned subsidiary Alam Maritim (M) SB for the shipment, installation, and pre-commissioning of flexible risers and other appurtenances for the Cendor Pipeline project.