Kuala Lumpur, 16th November 2021 — The leading professional body and education institution for the Malaysian insurance industry, the Malaysian Insurance Institute (MII) collaborates with NECOLE, an AI guided learning platform to upskill 300 MII Fellows and Associates with more members to come onboard in the near future.
In line with MII’s efforts in driving continuous professional learning,

MII was in search of a holistic solution that supports members’ and students’ learning journey. NECOLE was chosen for it’s curated journeys on fundamental skills, such as the L52 course, which focuses on leadership development, and the T52 course that will equip members with skills on emerging technologies needed for future workforce.
NECOLE utilises incremental pathway levelling to boost the expertise and knowledge of the insurance industry.

On top of accelerating a robust resilience agenda, it will also provide a supportive learning community, while creating a knowledge bank to keep the insurance industry abreast with the latest best practices to mitigate the impact posed by the pandemic – all of which will future proof the industry’s resilience towards post-pandemic recovery.

Leaderonomics Digital Chief Operating Officer, Sashe Kanapathi said: “The Malaysian Insurance Institute Chief Executive Officer Shalini Pavithran, said that NECOLE supports MII’s growth, “As we work towards the futurization of industry professionals, our content and products need to evolve.

For that purpose, we are collaborating with Leaderonomics on the Necole platform to leverage technology to ensure that our programmes not only focus on insurance technical skills but also critical skills of the future and technology awareness. “

As part of the upskilling effort, regular live sharing sessions to promote knowledge exchange will be held throughout the training programmes. NECOLE will also source dedicated speakers to speak on matters related to the insurance industry every quarter.

NECOLE and MII have arranged to release content to members on a fortnightly basis, to holistically upskill on both leadership (L52) and technology (T52) related content. The L52 and T52 courses are curated courses on NECOLE and to make the learning journey more tailored to different levels of learners (both MII Fellows and MII Associates). Through the personalised course,

MII Fellows will be able to learn more about Senior Leadership Development, while MII Associates will go through Personal Leadership Development, which will ultimately equip them with the skills needed to be future ready, unlock their career potential and accelerate their development. They will be able to access the various materials at any time in their own private groups.

In addition to that, polls are also conducted to gauge the topics of interest of MII members in regard to their learning and development (L&D). Based on the findings, MII and Leaderonomics Digital will source relevant content or trainers to fulfill the real time needs of the members.

NECOLE will also provide MII Fellows and MII Associates access to relevant industry news, whether local or abroad. This information will be sourced from the free and open web and curated content by NECOLE and MII.

To facilitate systematic learning of NECOLE’s leadership concepts, L52 pathways are levelled based on three different stages of leadership, such as Foundational (for beginners), Emerging Leadership (for intermediate learners), and Executional Leadership (for advanced learners). On the other hand, the T52 pathways are broken down into three stages: Digital Transformation and Foundational Technologies (for beginners), Emerging Technologies (for intermediate learners), and Digital Leadership (for advanced learners).

NECOLE will also measure the engagement level to determine the success rate of the L&D programmes. Also, all engagements on NECOLE by the MII Fellows and MII Associates will contribute to their CPD hours.

Those who are interested to learn more about the L52 and T52, conta