New Asia crypto girl's inaugural NFT collection drops

New Asia crypto girl's inaugural NFT collection drops

HONG KONG, April 8, 2022 — Asia Crypto Girls (ACG), a Naffiti NFT collection that recognises and celebrates the talented, beautiful and empowered female artists in Asia, will be launching its inaugural collection in April. It will feature four independent Hong Kong artists – Rose Ma, Poyan Fung, Michelle Kwok and Renee Li.

Harmful stereotypes have long been plaguing the entertainment industry, especially in Asia. The dreams of many talented performers, women in particular, are often withheld just because of the many labels that the society has placed on them.

ACG’s aim is to provide a platform for the ladies to show their true colours and to utilise the force of web 3.0 to create a community in metaverse where they can connect with their supporters and shine.

Hosted on Ethereum blockchain (ERC-721A), the collection includes 2,000 unique DAO passes that showcases the different charms of the girls.

Each artist makes up 500 DAO passes, with three different themes photographed by acclaimed fashion photographer Dicky Ma, that speak for them and illustrate their journey to the metaverse.

One of the topics that Rose chose to address the topic of self-love because of her experience with hateful body-shaming comments; Michelle shared a story of her inspiring relationship with art; Renee and Poyan freed themselves from the invisible boundaries created by the society and showed a never-before-seen side of them through ACG. 

Asian NFT community

This evolving collection of ACG DAO passes will be the ticket to the most authentic, compelling and groundbreaking Asian NFT community with many more exciting projects in the coming future.

The team is also building an ACG MetaMembers’ Club in Sandbox (125,98), an exclusive members’ club for all ACG DAO pass holders in the metaverse, where exciting social events with the ACGs, exclusive workshops and seminars hosted by blockchain experts take place.

The collection comes in four ranks – R, SR, SS and SSS. Each rank is attached with different level of benefits, think access to MetaMembers’ Club, WL/airdrop of future special projects and a physical ACG autographed pass.

There is only one SSS pass for each artist, making it the highest level of all passes. Holder of SSS pass will receive 1ETH and take part in IRL event with the artist.

Holder of at least 3 ACG DAO passes of different ranks of the same artist will be granted a special role “The Collector” in Discord and receive benefits of SS pass plus RSVP for IRL event with the artist. 

Dropping in April on Ethereum blockchain, the first ACG collection will be sold in blind boxes, priced at 0.05ETH for pre-sale and 1ETH for public mint.

With the implementation of ERC-721A, a significant amount of gas fees can be saved as minting multiple NFTs bears the same cost as minting a single NFT.

WL registration starts from 9 April, get a chance to be whitelisted by joining ACG’s Discord and inviting friends to join, follow ACG’s Twitter and Instagram account, stay active in the community and join the giveaways. Details will be announced in ACG Discord.