New audio speaker with remarkable separation and resolution

New audio speaker with remarkable separation and resolution

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, February 24, 2022 — Preter Audio has just unveiled a revolutionary new Immersive Audio Speaker that solves one of the biggest challenges sound engineers have struggled with for decades.

“We are getting true theater quality surround sound with excellent resolution from typical personal stereo systems. All with a single small speaker that fills your room for a stunning new experience,” says KC of Preter Audio at

Older surround sound technology like Dolby and DTS depend on multi channel encoded audio that can require 10 or more channels. This isn’t practical for consumers who own standard 2-channel stereo devices.

The new Preter speaker works with common stereo devices to fill the room with moving sound images. It is similar to experiencing a live concert or sounds in nature. “In real life, sounds come at you from all different directions, not just from 2 speakers or 2 stereo channels,” KC says.

The Immersive Audio Speaker provides high resolution that brings complex audio alive. Listeners hear layers of sound that lets them pin point all the details and elements in a song.

“Now you can hear the bass, all the various drums and cymbals, all the singers, and much more. It’s a truly live experience that takes recorded music and sound to a whole new level for consumers and audiophiles,” KC says.

Speaker sound

Layers of sound are created by increasing the width and depth of audio sound images. These wider, deeper images make it easier for listeners to hear far more detail in a surround sound experience.

The new speaker is especially beneficial for watching movies and listening to music in a home living room. It works perfectly for providing immersive background music in an office. And it lets gaming enthusiasts enjoy zero latency using direct input to wireless modular technology. Preter speakers can easily be linked up to provide a full house concert.

With only 60 watts max of power consumption, the new speaker is an affordable, eco-friendly choice that won’t drive up the power bill. Now consumers can fill their living room with theater like sound and ample volume.

New Product information:

◦ Preter Audio Passive Surround Sound Technology
◦ 50-Watt subwoofer
◦ 60-Watt Mid-high speaker drivers
◦ 60-Watt Max power consumption.
◦ AUX Line-in analogue audio input
◦ Digital audio input
◦ L20Cm x W20CM x H70CM
◦ 12V power input
◦ 3D printed enclosure