New fiber-optic cable offers blazing 8K speed

New fiber-optic cable offers blazing 8K speed

NEW YORK, Jan. 2, 2022 — FIBBR, a world-leading manufacturer of high-end audio and video cables, has expanded its product line up with the new Quantum fiber-optic HDMI cable. The new cable supports data bitrates up to 48 gigabits per second, the highest speed of the new HDMI 2.1 standard. That’s fast enough to fully convey 8K/60Hz or 4K/120Hz video and advanced audio along with a single, slender cable. 

Fiber-optic cables offer many benefits over their copper counterparts, especially in long cable runs. At such high bitrates, copper cables longer than 10 feet or so can really struggle to get the data from point A to point B. But fiber-optic cables are immune to this problem; they can extend to just about any length with no loss of signal whatsoever. In addition, they are invulnerable to electrical interference, with no need for fancy, bulky shielding. 

How do they work? The transmitting end converts electrical signals into pulses of light, which travel along the fiber-optic cable and are converted back into electrical signals at the receiving end. This “light into copper” process is bound to become the standard means of conveying 8K video reliably between devices. 

The only problem with fiber-optic HDMI cables has been their high cost—until now. FIBBR Quantum smashes the price barrier, allowing far more consumers to join the fiber revolution. A 2-meter/6.56-foot length carries a price tag of only $21, while a humongous 20-meter/65.6-foot cable is only $60. That’s a small fraction of what most fiber-optic HDMI cables cost. 

FIBBR Quantum is fully compatible with all the requirements of HDMI 2.1. It’s an entry-level product that nevertheless promises to bring stunning 8K performance to the masses at down-to-earth prices.