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New Malaysian Political Party Calls For NFT Revolution

New Malaysian Political Party Calls For NFT Revolution

New local Parti Bangsa Malaysia calls on government to kickstart a blockchain and NFT revolution saying it should involve relevant agencies to kickstart this. It says this will help create jobs for Malaysians in the digital economy.

The party’s secgen Hizwan Ahmad says blockchain and NFT are the “new tectonic plates causing seismic shifts in our technology, economic and social foundations.”

It says based on research, the Blockchain industry has a staggering Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) rate of over 69% between now to 2025.

“Blockchain is no longer only relevant to cryptocurrency. Blockchain-based applications are emerging to support many other industries that require decentralized data storage and accessibility,” says the secretary general of the party, Hizwan Ahmad in a media release last week.

The party says the Blockchain industry can potentially create over 100,000 jobs in the next 4 years if we have both government and private sectors’ investments to seed this industry.

Web 3

“Blockchain is an open-sourced distributed ledger. It is a decentralised, transparent and uncensorable data storage system coded in cryptography.

“NFT rides on the Blockchain rail as a smart contract token that identifies creators and owners of a particular asset, both physical and digital. It is poised to be one of the central innovations driving the Internet of Value (IoV) in Web 3,” it says.

“We stand ready to present this to the top echelon in the government to assist in its planning and implementation,” says Hizwan.

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