New smart door lock has Apple home key support 

New smart door lock has Apple home key support 

NEW YORK, March 1 — Aqara, a leading provider for smart home products, announced the launch of its Smart Door Lock A100 Zigbee.

The A100 Zigbee is a mortise-style smart lock that allows multiple access authentications. They include fingerprint, password, Aqara Home app, Apple HomeKit/Siri, Google Assistant, NFC, and mechanical key.

Integrated with both Bluetooth 5.0 protocol – for the direct connection with mobile devices and home hubs from Apple – and Zigbee 3.0 protocol, the lock supports remote unlock via Aqara Home app and other third-party platforms, and connects with other smart home devices to create truly automated home experiences.

The Aqara A100 Zigbee has come onto the market in Malaysia and Singapore, and the availability is expected to expand to Russia as well as selective countries in Southeast Asia and Middle East in the following months.

Door lock design

The A100 Zigbee lock is designed with seamless integration with Apple HomeKit, and supports Apple’s home key feature in Apple Wallet, which was introduced in iOS 15. Users simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch to unlock the A100 Zigbee.

The lock also supports major voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant, so that users could check with their favorite assistant whether the door is locked, or ask the assistant to unlock the door.

The A100 Zigbee features a 3D fingerprint scanner with liveness detection, and the scanner is ergonomically placed on the handle so that the user’s thumb naturally touches it when pressing the handle to open the door. Permanent, one-time and periodic passwords (6-10 digits) are supported.

It allows users to easily grant and manage access for family members, guests, and regular visitors like dog walkers and babysitters who are able to unlock only at the preset time period (e.g., 9:00 – 10:00 A.M. of every Monday).

One-time and periodic passwords can be created and managed remotely*, which makes this lock an ideal choice for rental homes.

Using eight AA batteries, the A100 Zigbee lock has a long battery life of 18 months. A low battery warning will be pushed when the batteries drop below 20%, and even if the batteries run out, user can open the lock by using the mechanical key, or by charging the lock with a power bank via the Type-C port.


The A100 Zigbee equips with strong security features to protect users and their homes, including:

  • Auto-lock: the door is locked immediately after it’s closed;
  • Anti-peep password: users can add random digits before and after the password to protect it from peeping and smudge attack;
  • Night latch knob: the night latch knob controls a separate bolt, and once locked it can be opened either from inside or by using the administrator’s authentication from outside;
  • Tamper alert: this alert will be triggered if the lock bolts detect unusual pressure being applied, or if the front panel being removed from the door;
  • Door left open alert: this alert will be triggered if the door is left wide open for more than 10 seconds, or if left ajar and not fully closed for over 3 seconds;
  • Abnormal attempts alert: this alert will be triggered after 5 failed authentication attempts, and the lock authentication will freeze for 3 minutes;
  • Unlocking log: users could remotely check the lock status and unlocking log via the Aqara Home app*.

Thanks to the Zigbee 3.0 support, the A100 Zigbee could connect with other smart home accessories to enable home scenes and automations*. With just a press of the Away button on the keypad when leaving home, users can arm Aqara Home’s Alert System where the security camera and the sensors become activated, and the lights and ACs turned off.

An automation can be created, to whirl the G3 Camera Hub to point to the door and to push a mobile notification when the A100 Zigbee is unlocked by the mechanical key, so that users will be alerted to check the camera stream for improved security.

With the various Aqara accessories, users can create customized scenes and automations that suit their needs and home environments.

For more details of the A100 Zigbee lock, please visit the website.

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