New Token $MYST Fights Internet Censorship Worldwide

New Token $MYST Fights Internet Censorship Worldwide

Switzerland, July 17, 2022 – – Major cryptocurrency exchange MEXC Global has listed $MYST token by Mysterium Network, the Swiss-based Web 3.0 company challenging the $30 billion VPN industry with its next-generation anonymity network.

Trading of the MYST-USDT pairs opened on Thursday, July 14, 2022.

The VPN market is estimated to reach more than $77 billion by 2026. With increasing censorship, shutdowns and surveillance online, over a quarter of the world’s internet users depend on a VPN for daily internet access.

Most recently in Sudan, authorities cut off access to the internet to disrupt anti-government protests being held nationwide.

Internet disruptions also come at a great cost to the global economy. In 2022, a total of over 19,000 hours of downtime cost the worldwide economy more than $10 billion.

“These kinds of internet shutdowns are becoming common practice by governments around the world. Saldy, they are increasing in number, rather than slowing down. While there are some great initiatives and campaigns to call out these abuses of power, including from the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, we need to focus on building internet infrastructure and tools that are resistant to shutdowns and censorship,” says Donatas Grinkas, Head of Mysterium Network.

$MYST open source

Mysterium’s open-source web infrastructure is making the internet borderless and accessible for all. The network is made up of tens of thousands of exit nodes spread across more than 130 countries.

These nodes are run by everyday people using devices such as computers and Raspberry Pis to share their IP addresses to users and businesses around the world in exchange for MYST, a utility token native to the network.

There are already thousands of nodes around the world earning passive income daily, providing a secure line of communication and access to the open internet.

This peer-to-peer marketplace lays the groundwork for all kinds of services to be built, including the project’s flagship product, the Mysterium VPN, available for Android, Windows, Mac and Linux (iOS in 2022).

Developers and entrepreneurs can build encrypted, censorship-resistant tools using the open APIs, while businesses can plug into the network via the B2B service, Lavafy. Launched in 2020, Lavafy is already being used by five VPN clients.

“Regular VPNs are just a band-aid fix for what is a deeply flawed infrastructural problem, which is why we’re trying to build a solution that fixes things on the deeper protocol and networking level.

“Peer-to-peer networks like ours allow users everywhere to easily share web resources with each other, such as storage, computing power and now internet access. The goal is to ensure information flows around the web freely, without any unethical blocks from self-interested corporations and governments,” says Grinkas.

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