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New year sets another record start for Jumio

New year sets another record start for Jumio

PALO ALTO, Calif., April 22 (Bernama) — Jumio, the leading provider of orchestrated end-to-end identity proofing, eKYC and AML solutions, today announced a record-breaking Q1, with sales growing more than 140%. This growth spans the globe and multiple industries, including government, financial services and mobility.

Public agencies and private organizations alike share a common need to know, then trust, their end users online.

The Jumio KYX Platform makes this possible by establishing the identity and risk of new users, authenticating and monitoring existing users, and detecting suspicious transactions to meet compliance mandates.

“Government agencies are changing their mindset and now truly understand the need to implement cutting-edge identity verification technology in order to prevent scammers from impersonating unknowing citizens and to know with a high level of assurance that only legitimate end users are accessing benefits and services,” says Robert Prigge, Jumio CEO.

Notable achievements

  • Gartner Representative Vendor: Jumio was recognized as a Representative Vendor for the fourth consecutive time in the latest Gartner Market Guide for Identity Proofing and Affirmation, published in March. The Guide also lists Jumio among orchestration vendors that “connect to a range of identity proofing and affirmation vendors, as well as vendors focusing on fraud detection and user authentication.”
  • Middle East Expansion: Also in March, Jumio appointed Arshad Sheikh as its first sales leader for the Middle East, Turkey and North Africa (METNA) region, building on Jumio’s long-standing presence in the Middle East and its ongoing commitment to revolutionize banking for a growing number of customers in the region.
  • Industry Recognition: The Jumio KYX Platform was named a gold winner for fraud prevention and silver winner for AI in security in the 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards.

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About Jumio

When identity matters, trust Jumio. Jumio’s mission is to make the internet a safer place by protecting the ecosystems of businesses through a unified, end-to-end identity verification, eKYC and AML platform. The Jumio KYX Platform offers a range of identity proofing and AML services to accurately establish, maintain and reassert trust from account opening to ongoing transaction monitoring.

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