NFT Music Industry: PlayTreks Named New Key Player

NFT Music Industry: PlayTreks Named New Key Player

DUBAI, DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, October 9, 2022 — PlayTreks and its NFT Marketplace for musicians, The PlayGrounds, named a key player in the NFT Music Industry by AMA Research.

The company, since its inception, is enjoying stellar growth with its All in One platform. The platform provides all essential functionality artists need to become successful. It also includes a fast growing NFT marketplace, where artists and record labels can be in control of their digital content and monetization without dealing with middlemen.

Being named as a key player among several well funded NFT Marketplaces such as Opensea, TuneGo, Rarible, Amuse, Nifty Gateway, Opulous and Makersplace is an excellent deserved recognition for all the hard work done at PlayTreks.

AMA Research is a leading B2B market research firm providing quantified insights on emerging opportunities with an impact on more than 80% of worldwide revenues.

In this study, AMA analysts track high growth with detailed statistical analysis and analysis of market trends & dynamics to provide a complete understanding of the market. We follow an extensive research methodology coupled with critical insights related to industry factors.

NFT Music market

The Global NFT Music market report presents a comprehensive analysis of the NFT Music market by product type (Classic Music, DJ Music and Others), by end-user/application (Album Releases, Beat Selling, Merch Sales and Other), and geography (America, South America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and MEA) along with country level break-up.

This section of our report presents a realistic picture of the Global NFT Music industry. Investors and stakeholders can easily understand the inherent opportunities and challenges for their products in geographical regions of interest. While the North American market holds 54.2% of the market share for NFT Music, the European market has emerged as a crucial market for several NFT Music brands.

As jaw-dropping NFT-minting headlines abound, PlayTreks has been quietly building its blockchain solution for indie and DIY artists. Now, the pre-Series A company is hitting critical thresholds on its ‘The Playgrounds’ NFT marketplace.

PlayTreks, a Belgium and United Arab Emirates-based company that offers music distribution, data analytics, airplay monitoring, and a blockchain-based marketplace. Since launching its services, the pre-Series A company has been quietly attracting indie artists to its music NFT marketplace to spur increased revenues and stronger fan relationships.

PlayTreks launched The Playgrounds with a fairly straightforward goal: to allow creatives to monetize their content by minting them into NFTs and to provide transparency in an industry where transparency is not a given.

‘The Playgrounds’ is now causing a surge in daily signups. According to stats shared by Playtreks, the burgeoning artist platform now counts thousands of indie musician members. Given the early-stage nature of music NFTs, that’s enough to signal a proof-of-concept while forming a base of core users.

Powerful NFT Marketplace

What sets PlayTreks apart from the pack, is the fact that the company not only has a powerful NFT Marketplace, but also includes music distribution to all Web2 platforms, near-real-time global radio airplay monitoring, metadata of millions of artists and songs, and cross-channel analytics.

Understanding the insecurity over crypto payments, PlayTreks also allows for fiat currency payments of Non-Fungible Tokens by credit card. By doing so, the company aims to lower the entry barrier for anyone to experience the power of NFT’s. This is done by purchasing, collecting, trading and fans ultimately supporting their favorite artists directly. It increases peer-to-peer interactions between fans and digital content creators.

The inclusion of PlayTreks in the AMA market research report, follows recent recognition by the Emirates Angel Investors Association, the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy and Cosmo Energy Holdings to represent the UAE on a trade mission to CEATEC, one of the largest consumer electronic shows in the world, held in October in Tokyo, Japan. PlayTreks has frequently been named a key player in the NFT Music segment by several market leading research organizations throughout 2022.

We are proud to be recognized as a key player in the NFT Music industry, says Anjo De Heus, Ceo of PlayTreks / The PlayGrounds. Our goal from day one has been to democratize the music industry and to provide a powerful All-In-One platform for Do It Yourself and Indie artists with a high degree of transparency and tools to optimize the monetization of digital content.

New Trend

NFT music is a trend in the music industry. Technological innovations have influenced how music is made, played, saved, distributed, and enjoyed. This is from the first discs to streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, from the birth of record changing to the rise of modern electronic sound. A number of singers and musicians like Grimes and iconic bands like the Rolling Stones were drawn to the revolutionary technology.

An NFT is a rare item that is recorded on a digital ledger in the music industry. NFTs swept the music industry this year. Hundreds of singers and musicians, including youthful multi-hyphenate artists like Grimes and iconic bands like the Rolling Stones, were drawn to cutting-edge technology.

Some of these artists have made millions of dollars by selling tokenized versions of their tunes, digital art, or bundles of virtual and real-world products.

NFTs and fan tokens have the potential to completely transform the music industry. NFT provides musicians with interesting opportunities to cut out some of the industry’s intermediaries and third parties, as well as tokenize their work in a completely reimagined way.

Global NFT Music has become a fragmented market due to the presence of various players. The companies are planning strategic activities like partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions which will help them to sustain in the market and maintain their competitive edge.

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