No To New GST Says Opposition Group In Malaysia

No To New GST Says Opposition Group In Malaysia

The Presidential Council of the Pakatan Harapan disagrees with Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s suggestion that the much-hated GST should be reinstated.

The Opposition group says the country is in a state of increasingly high inflation and the people are facing difficulties with the increase in the cost of living.

Coupled with that, the Opposition says, there is a reduction in household income due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The reintroduction of GST will cause the price of goods to increase suddenly. If it is added to the problem of supply chains and salaries that do not increase, the people will be under tremendous pressure,” says the PH.

It says that at a time when perceptions that the country has yet to recover from the 1MDB scandal and the mismanagement of the country under previous BN regimes, the reimposition of the GST will be the wrong decision taken by the government.

GST and corruption

It also says the government has brought little changes in Malaysia which saw its ranking in the Transparency International and racial perception index falling, as well as the country’s second position in The Economist’s crony-capitalism index, “it is inconsequential for the government to spare the people.”

Collecting more taxes from the people without proving that the reforms and improvements to the has been successfully carried out is unwarranted.

There is no point in charging people with more taxes when in the end, the people’s money is wasted and misused, says the PH, and this is due to cronysim.

They also reminded the Prime Minister that the majority of Malaysians have rejected the GST in the last general election.

“Therefore, Pakatan Harapan does not agree with the suggestion of reintroducing GST excise while these various issues continue to shackle the people.”

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