'Non Fungible Penny' A New Gold Penny of Henry III

'Non Fungible Penny' A New Gold Penny of Henry III

SINGAPORE, Jan. 24, 2022 — Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT, Coinllectibles has partnered with Spink to offer the First Ever Collectible NFT Coin to be offered by an international auction house.

This will also be the first NFT ever issued by Spink, a renowned collectors’ auction house dating back to 1600s.

Like the yellow petals of the broom plant adorning the cap of the Plantagenets, the powerful immutability of this almost pure gold coin has remained untarnished and unexposed for centuries. That was until a chance signal on Sunday 26 September 2021 rediscovered its beauty, a beauty that has caused a viral media sensation across the globe in the days prior to auction at Spink.

‘Non Fungible Penny’

This specially commissioned virtual moving graphic, to be minted into a similarly immutable Hybrid NFT™, commemorates that unique moment, as the Hemyock soil is finally removed after 765 years to unearth the most important single coin find made in Britain for over a decade, and the first time a new coin of this type has been placed in the archaeological record for almost 260 years.

Where once the coin fell from the pocket of Lord of the Manor John de Hidon, it lands in all its beauty not just in our hands but our combined consciousness. And why would our embattled and emboldened King Henry, enthroned for centuries not wish to give us a cheery wink as he is once more exposed to the world?

In 1257 King Henry III of England launched a gold coinage. It was not a success and only seven of the coins are known to have survived, that is until September 2021 when an eighth was discovered by a metal detector in a field at Hemyock in Devon. It is the image of this eighth coin that is the subject of the present auction.

Henry’s Coinage

Henry’s coinage was the first minted in gold since the Norman Conquest, all the Norman and Angevin kings having confined themselves to minting silver pennies. A series of questions naturally arise.

Why did Henry mint his coinage? Where did the gold come from? Why did the coin have a unique design? How many coins were minted, and what happened to them?

Why did the enterprise fail? Fortunately, the source material allows at least some answer to these questions. It also permits a suggestion as to how one of the coins ended up at Hemyock. 

Metaverse Blockchain Fusion NFT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc (OTC: COSG).

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https://d3ums4016ncdkp.cloudfront.net/auction/catalogue/22104/22104.pdf  (lot 220 that precedes sale of NFT lot 221)