Northport's Strategic Deal With Maldives Ports To Boost Halal Silk Route

Northport's Strategic Deal With Maldives Ports To Boost Halal Silk Route

PORT KLANG, 10 November 2021 – Northport (Malaysia) Bhd, a member of MMC Group and Maldives Ports Limited (“MPL”) signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement to establish a sister port relationship with the aim of forging strategic cooperation in business development, Halal Silk Route, training, secondment of staff and equipment maintenance.

The SCA was signed by Northport’s Chief Executive Officer, Dato’ Azman Shah Mohd Yusof and MPL’s Chief Executive Officer, Shahid Ali during a signing ceremony held virtually on 9th November 2021.

The signing of the agreement sealed both parties’ commitment to cooperate in facilitating trade between both ports especially in promoting Halal trade to cater for the growing demand for Halal certified products.

“There are opportunities in growing the cargo volumes of both ports where Maldives and Port Klang can be the gateway to trade between our respective continents”, said Dato’ Azman.

On human capital development, the collaboration provides a platform for knowledge and skills sharing through Northport International Centre of Excellence (“NICE”), a center that provides port training programs to fulfill technical training needs of Northport’s employees, contractors and port users. This cooperation also includes secondment of staff between both ports.

Knowledge Transfer

The other area of collaboration is the sharing of technical support on equipment maintenance with the transfer of knowledge and expertise through the existing pool of highly skilled engineers and technicians.

“The agreement is instrumental in setting us up in the right direction. Identifying common areas of collaboration, knowledge transfer across our respective business environments and cultures will hopefully provide enlightenment to our organizations,” said Shahid Ali.

MPL was incorporated on 31st July 2008 as a 100% Government-owned company under the Companies Act of Maldives, with the key function to ensure efficient management and operation of Government-owned ports and port facilities in the Maldives.

MPL operates the Port of Malé, comprising of an Inner Harbour, used by leisure craft, the fishing industry and coastal trade; and an Outer Harbour which caters for larger vessels. It also operates several subsidiary regional ports including Hithadhoo Port Limited (“HPL”), Kulhudhuhffushi Port Limited (“KPL”) and Maamigilli International Port (“MIP”).

“The current pandemic has not only changed the way the world works and created new norms that we have to follow but it has created possibilities and opportunities for us to evolve and grow. I am pleased that today, we will gain a partner that we can work with and collaborate strategically, for the future growth of both ports, and both our countries,” concluded Dato’ Azman.