Now the UK has its conveyancing academy!

Now the UK has its conveyancing academy!

WIRRAL, MERSEYSIDE, UNITED KINGDOM, ENGLAND, April 30, 2022 — UK Conveyancing firm grows its own talent pipeline by launching a conveyancing academy.

ProConveyancing, a leading residential conveyancing firm, pledges to create 150 jobs in Wirral over the next five years in the form of both established legal professionals and apprentices through the newly established ProConveyancing Academy.

Founded in 2020, ProConveyancing has gone from strength to strength, expanding its team and product offerings, and investing in its new Wirral, Merseyside headquarters. Rapid growth and expansion have therefore presented the operational challenge of staffing for various business critical roles and more importantly, growing the workforce to meet business demand.

The ProConveyancing Academy will see apprentices working under the supervision of Head of Legal Practice, Hayley Hellon, trained as property law professionals equipped for a career in an important industry with excellent job prospects.

Those currently working in a paralegal or unlicensed conveyancing capacity will also be able to study as part of the ProConveyancing academy, becoming CLC accredited, licensed conveyancers. Hayley herself started her career as part of a similar scheme, and therefore believes in its efficacy and shows also the career progression opportunities available to those wishing to follow this path.

The delight of conveyancing

“We’re delighted to be expanding and entering the next phase of our growth plans by opening our conveyancing academy, which will allow school leavers and anyone seeking a career in property law to train to become conveyancers, as well as allowing those already working in the industry the ability to upskill” remarks Hayley Hellon, Head of Legal Practice at ProConveyancing.

“We hope that throughout the coming years, we will be able to grow ProConveyancing from within whilst also doing our bit for employability and the economy in the Wirral area.

ProConveyancing was formed in 2020 and is led by Head of Legal Practice Hayley Hellon and Managing Director Gary Roy Markham. /