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Only 9% Of US Adults Claim To Be Avid Fans OF Esports

Only 9% Of US Adults Claim To Be Avid Fans OF Esports

The yearly revenue from the Esports industry is expected to cross a Billion dollars in 2021. The United States is one of the significant markets for Esports. According to the latest report from SafeBettingSites, only 9% of US adults avid interest in Esports. These numbers suggest that there is still a huge scope for the industry to grow in the country.

41% of US Adult Males Are Either Avid or Casual Fans of Esports

When we look at gender-specific numbers, it becomes apparent that male enthusiasts drive the interest in Esports. 15% of male adults claim to be avid fans of Esports, and 26% identify as casual fans. In comparison, only 3% of adult US females are avid Esports fans, and 12% are casual fans. 85% of US females have no interest in Esports at all.

Overall, 9% of adults claimed to be avid fans of Esports, and 19% identified as casual fans. The remaining 72% said that they were not Esports fans in any capacity. This figure is enormous when compared to mainstream sports in the US. For example, only 50% picked the same option about the NBA and 33% about the NFL.

On the other hand, the same percentage of voters, 72%, claimed that they were not fans of MLS. Hence, one can argue that the popularity of Esports in the US is comparable to the popularity of the MLS.

18-34 Age Group Lead The Interest, But 35-44 Not Far Behind

When we look at age-specific numbers, we get expected numbers. The 18-34 age group is the most interested in Esports, and both groups above 44 hold minimal interest in the same.

17% of the US population, aged between 18-34, claim to be avid fans of Esports. 29% identify as casual fans. One can argue that the most surprising aspect of this comparison is the figures registered by the 35-44 age group. One could expect a massive drop in numbers between these two groups. However, US enthusiasts aged 35-44 register almost similar numbers to those aged 18-34. In the 35-44 age group, 15% of respondents identified as avid fans and 24% as casual fans. 

Vyom Chaudhary, the editor at SafeBettingSites, commented: “The massive drop in numbers in groups beyond 44 years is a promising sign for the Esports industry. One can expect the overall interest rate to increase as the two most senior groups grow older and younger ones take their respective places.”