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Perdana Leadership Has Big Names at SME Leaders Programme

Perdana Leadership Has Big Names at SME Leaders Programme

PUTRAJAYAMay 25 — The 200 participants of the Perdana Leadership Foundation SME Leaders Programme 2022 “Knowledge Exchange for Entrepreneurship Excellence” taking place on 25th May at Perdana Leadership Foundation in Putrajaya are to see big names at the event.

They will get the chance to dialogue with one of the country’s eminent business leaders and Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, Tan Sri Azman Hashim, at an hour-long live Special Session.

Tan Sri Azman Hashim, who charted an illustrious career as a Chartered Accountant turned banker, will share his experience as an entrepreneur and business owner.

Participants will get the chance to listen to a video message by former Prime Minister and PLF’s Honorary President, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, on “Achieving Success in Business and Life” at the concluding session of the event.

“Most of the big businesses of today started as a micro and small enterprise. What enabled these businesses to grow was a combination of factors but leadership plays a big role in determining success or failure.

This programme by PLF for MSME leaders is timely because there are many that need direction and support to recover from the lockdowns.

The dialogues and discussions featured in the event will hopefully prompt new ideas, open up new possibilities, and lead to new business collaborations that can benefit entrepreneurs,” says Tan Sri Azman.

YABhg Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s video message will be showcased at the conclusion of the programme.

The event will be officiated by Dato’ Suriani binti Dato’ AhmadSecretary-General, Ministry of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives.

Dialogue Perdana

The Special Dialogue is one of many sessions that will take place at this event for micro, small, and medium business leaders. The one-day in-person programme will feature speeches by CEOs of MSMEs, breakout sessions facilitated by business leaders, and info talks, all designed to facilitate discussion and idea-sharing by entrepreneurs.

“With many micro, small, and medium businesses struggling to recover from the pandemic, this programme is a way to energise MSME leaders and connect them with their peers from diverse sectors.

“The programme is also designed to highlight best practices and painful lessons learned from established and new enterprises, with the understanding that the best learning comes from experience, whether it be one’s own or another’s,” says Tan Sri Nik Mohamed Nik Yaacob, Executive Director, Perdana Leadership Foundation.

Speakers include: Ms See Wai Hun, CEO of Juristech; Puan Saliza Abdullah, CEO of BG Capital Holdings; Dr Hanafiah Yussof, CEO of Robopreneur; Mr Aizat Rahim, MD of Dropee; Mr Azlan Shah, Founder and CEO, Kelavaand others.

There will also be short talks by Mr Rizal Nainy, CEO, SME Corporation Malaysia, and Mr Mohd Redzuan Affandi bin Abdul Rahim, Director, Digital Adoption Department, Digital Economy Ecosystem Division, of MDeC.

The PLF SME Leaders Programme is organised by Perdana Leadership Foundation. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Affin Bank (Gold Sponsor), PNS and AmBank (Bronze Sponsors), admission to the event is entirely free. More Business News @WorldFuture