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RaiPay Block Explorer 2.0 Approved by eCash's GNC

RaiPay Block Explorer 2.0 Approved by eCash's GNC

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Jan. 15, 2022 — A block explorer is an essential blockchain search engine, similar to Google. It can view all transactions that have taken place on the blockchain, including network hash rate, transaction growth, and even activity on blockchain addresses. Traders, users, miners and crypto enthusiasts all find it useful to check status of their transactions, confirm block activity in which they may get block rewards from, and even find circulating supply or the amount of energy needed to mine a coin.

eCash’s Global Network Council is a group of proven stakeholders who green-lighted their next funded project, which is to develop and finesse the RaiPay Block Explorer – a new block explorer that supports eToken transactions, in addition to only native token ones. For the development of this project, eCash will first fund the RaiPay team $15,000 for open sourcing the explorer’s existing code.

Over the next year, eCash will be pooling $40,000 to streamline, modernize and maintain the RaiPay Explorer, with the following goals in mind:

1) creating a mobile friendly and responsible interface as a large percentage of crypto users are mobile-first;

2) improving code quality and adding documentation, to make it easy for third-party developers and Team ABC to read and contribute to the explorer;

3) improving performance by replacing BCHD with the highly-performant Chronik Indexer;

4) enhancing user experience by creating fun visuals such as rich list, charts and graphs; 5) routine maintenance such as updating dependencies and fixing bugs.

eCash is proud to be working with RaiPay, who first started out as a cryptocurrency enabled PoS terminal connecting merchants to consumers in the form of an online wallet used via smartphone. The new block explorer will provide more transparent and faster information about transaction activities on the eCash network for users, which is the core feature of open-source blockchain technology.

eCash believes in redefining wealth and re-introducing the idea of electronic cash to users in the crypto space. Now on over 30+ exchanges with the ticker XEC, eCash is making waves through each approved project, step by step, to reinvest and grow its ecosystem which expands into tech, marketing campaigns, and media partnerships.