Raisa Kazi in big role as VP marketing for Liminal

Raisa Kazi in big role as VP marketing for Liminal

SINGAPORE, February 26, 2022/ — Digital asset self-custody platform Liminal appointed Raisa Kazi as the Vice-President of Marketing.

Raisa will report to the founder Mahin Gupta and be responsible for marketing directives, spearheading activities related to growing brand awareness and expansion, and will be responsible for managing Liminal’s client communication portfolio. She’ll also be instrumental to the development of new strategic initiatives that will complement core and flagship products. She brings over 16 years of strategic marketing and communications experience.

Previously, Raisa has worked with 5paisa, one of India’s leading brokers as their Chief Marketing Officer. Prior of her work at 5paisa, she was VP of Digital Marketing and Brand Strategy at [5nance.com](http://5nance.com) leading and managing 360 marketing for Brand 5nance.

“Raisa is a seasoned marketing leader bringing a wealth of experience to her role at Liminal,” says Mahin Gupta, founder at Liminal. “Liminal is defining digital asset safety and security. We are entering our next phase of growth through new initiatives and products. As digital asset exchanges become ever more integrated with maintaining safety and security of private keys, Raisa’s experience in financial services will elevate the launch of offerings primed for rollout in coming future.”

Raisa Kazi and the blockchain revolution

Liminal is incorporated in Singapore and has operations across the globe. Liminal’s security-first approach, allows projects to define customized policies and assign roles to users based on their responsibilities. Within a short span, Liminal has processed transactions close to $2.1 billion and has ~$31 million worth of Assets Under Protection.

“I am very excited to join Liminal and help the company become the leader and visionary in the digital asset self-custody space.

“Liminal is an example of how digital asset exchanges and treasuries can operate robustly and securely to maintain the highest standards of compliance. Digital Assets and blockchain technology are only going to have an increasing impact on how we all do business, and I am hugely excited to be part of this revolution.” said Raisa.

More on Liminal

Liminal is an enterprise-grade platform that offers a robust infrastructure for managing digital assets. Liminal enables exchanges, custodians, banks, trading desks, and hedge funds to securely scale their digital asset operations through HSM backed plug and play wallet architecture. EINPresswire.com

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