Raising a Generation of Haters

The government, the political class, the parents and in sum, all of us bears the responsibility to change the current narrative online to a more civilised and responsible one or face the music in the future

Raising a Generation of Haters
The state of the people is of concern about who are we raising? Photo by engin akyurt / Unsplash

The world is facing significant transformations, empowered by advanced technologies. However, certain constants endure, rooted in human traits like greed, jealousy, and ignorance.

These aspects remain deeply ingrained in certain societies, evident in the disparity between economic progress and social enlightenment. In certain nations, politicians are employing their persuasive abilities to cultivate a generation of individuals easily swayed by whatever their leaders assert.

This isn't the most troubling aspect. In some places, these political leaders are actively nurturing a generation filled with animosity. This problem is prevalent in certain societies, where these hatemongers flood social media platforms, openly displaying their vitriol online. Their aim is clear: to gain visibility and use it as a platform to exhibit their hostility, often targeting their political adversaries.

The Haters

In most cases, the majority of these folks have lost the ability to question anything their leaders inculcate in them. The emergence of a dark age alongside remarkable technological advancement can be attributed to a complex interplay of factors.

While technology can bring progress, it can also be exploited for harmful purposes, such as spreading misinformation or surveillance. Technological advancement can also exacerbate economic inequalities, leading to social unrest and division. In this case, we are looking at the division it is creating.

Educating the new gens

On the other hand, inadequate education and critical thinking skills can make individuals susceptible to manipulation and misinformation. This is bringing us to the leaders who exploit divisive tactics for personal gain and this can further polarize society.

And we have seen how the rapid spread of information on social media can amplify both positive and negative trends, including hate speech and misinformation.

Societal cycles often involve periods of progress followed by regression, influenced by various historical, cultural, and political factors. Perhaps some countries are living in this stage?

The government bears the responsibility of shaping the narrative to enhance prospects for future generations. Technology can play a pivotal role in effecting the necessary changes, encouraging a majority of the population to foster positive relationships and exhibit appropriate behaviour.Leaving the current crop of youngsters in the hands of the hateful leaders and organisations, political or not, will have deep impact on the rule of law and on the running of a government in the future  

Address it now or have regrets in the future.