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RCEP Came At A Good Time

RCEP Came At A Good Time

RCEP came at a good time as it can now play a balancing role between Asean and China. It will reduce the tensions between the grouping and Beijing, tensions that grew with the South China Sea conflict.

And also the conflicting situation was made to appear more acute thanks to external interference in the South China Sea where China is a dominant force.

Now we have a certain normalcy and this will probably continue with the RCEP in full force.

Though we still have tensions in the Taiwan Straits for the Asean, with the RCEP now in place, there is a better understanding of China and its role in the economic and geopolitical sphere.

China and Asean in RCEP

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It is easier for China to deal with the Asean nations within the RCEP for example.

Hence I believe most of the Asean is now comfortable with the idea that China, a big country with a huge economy, can lead the region to greater economic success.

Beijing can also be credited for pursuing the idea of RCEP because it does not only benefit Asean, it also benefits China with a greater possibility of economic integration and expansion within the Asean region and vice versa.