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Readoo, The First Web3.0 Novel Platform on Solana

Readoo, The First Web3.0 Novel Platform on Solana

Singapore, Singapore Jan 14, 2022 (  – There’s no denying that NFT (Non-fungible Token) is the “hot trending” of 2021. From novels, images, music to all other forms of digital art, take advantage of this craze. Readoo is the first web3.0 novel platform on Solana, on which all the novels and fiction can be minted into NFTs. Both writers and readers can earn from the Readoo.

Readoo aims at changing the novel industry

According to a Statista report, the global online book industry generated total revenue of more than $16.1 billion in 2021, with e-book readership expected to exceed 1.1 billion by 2025 as the penetration rate increases.

In marked contrast to the growing market, the average income of writers has been declining. Some online reading apps and their parent companies are slowly dominating the market, creating an “oligarchy” that makes authors lose their voice and be increasingly squeezed on their income and benefits, preventing them from creating better works and readers from reading more satisfying books.

To protect writers’ benefit, Readoo is created, which provides a platform for writers to publish their works in the form of NFT and share the royalties.

What is Readoo?

Readoo is the first web3.0 novel platform on Solana, a free writing and reading community where we help authors publish and earn from their novels, while readers can read all novels for free by watching ads and get token rewards.

Readoo will combine the blockchain concept with the product form of a mobile app to create a decentralized next-generation novel platform where the rights and interests of both authors and readers will get maximum protection.

User Roles and Benefits

Authors: the content producers on Readoo, thus we will provide an unprecedented platform of fair and free environment for authors to freely publish their original content on Readoo and enjoy the rewards they deserve. Authors can also turn their novels into NFTs for transactions and earn incomes by selling their copyrights.

Readers: the content consumers on Readoo who can not only read all novels for free on Readoo but also earn rewards by reading and completing the tasks. We believe that the number of our readers will grow rapidly under the encouragement of free reading and reward policy, for the more readers, the more popularity and higher the value of the platform will be.

Promoters: who can earn great rewards by inviting new users. Anyone can participate in the promotion of Readoo APP as a promoter.

Investors: who can purchase the novel NFTs from authors and thus obtain the novel copyright. Both the investor and author will profit from the novel after it creates good business value. In addition, the investor can earn APY in staking events.

Readoo’s Horizon

In the past few months, our team has fully studied the feasibility of the Readoo project, a web 3.0 novel platform that will be launched in Q1 2022. We want it to be as simple as possible that users could use it just like a traditional app for the blockchain technology is still too complex to be understood by the masses.

It is a process of exploration and learning for us which also marks the start of our new journey. We look forward to a positive response in all aspects.