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Researchers and entrepreneurs get new opportunities

Researchers and entrepreneurs get new opportunities

YOKOHAMA, Japan, April 8 (Bernama) — UNIPLAT, the world’s first online platform for researchers and entrepreneurs who promote SDGs, announced a strategic alliance with Atal Community Innovation Center-KL Startups Foundation. The aim is to provide entrepreneurs and researchers with new opportunities.

Among UNIPLAT’s user database of 86 countries, the fifth-highest number of users is Indians. By joining hands with ACIC-KL Startups Foundation — experts of the Indian market, UNIPLAT aims to create more funding opportunities by providing an opportunity for ordinary people to directly interact with various unique researchers.

Having similar missions to help under-exposed and under-served intellectuals and to create innovative communities, UNIPLAT and ACIC-KL Startups Foundation decided to sign a business alliance to expand the business range.

The collaboration will provide mutual information and services to registered members of the UNIPLAT and ACIC-KL platforms. ACIC-KL’s exclusive content will also be made available on UNIPLAT.

Moreover, UNIPLAT will support the business development and financing of ACIC-KL’s registered members in Japan and overseas. Vice versa, ACIC-KL Startups Foundation will assist UNIPLAT in business development and acquiring grants in India and abroad for its registered members.

Entrepreneurs and Researchers to get help

Alok Govil, the CEO of ACIC-KL Startups Foundation, says, “ACIC-KL Startups Foundation’s vision is to become a vibrant and sustainable hub of startup ecosystems for designing innovative solutions for societal challenges of regional communities.

“As a part of our journey, it gives great joy and pleasure to form a strategic alliance with UNIPLAT by Unify platform AG which provides worldwide exposure for young thinkers and budding entrepreneurs.

“We strongly believe that this collaboration between ACIC-KL Startups Foundation and UNIPLAT will attract a wide spectrum of support in numerous forms from various corporate and government agencies which shall enable startups to scale up further.”

As the Japanese and Indian governments are strengthening their ties in various ways, collaboration between UNIPLAT and ACIC-KL Startups Foundation will be a step towards sustainable and scalable growth over varied geographies and sectors.

The collaboration will promote the networking of specialized knowledge literacy, aiming for optimal distribution and leveling of knowledge in each area that contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals.

Takahisa Karita, the co-founder, CFO, and COO of Unify Platform says, “We are spearheading collaboration with ACIC-KL Startups Foundation for support to young entrepreneurs and researchers in India.

“I am really impressed with Mr. Alok Govil and ACIC-KL Startups Foundation’s passion and dedication in building the ideal support platform for entrepreneurs and researchers in India. We hope to help them succeed globally through UNIPLAT.”