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Restore used cars in new environmentally friendly way

Restore used cars in new environmentally friendly way

SEATTLE, Feb. 27, 2022 — As used cars become the main consumption trend in the car market, more car owners are increasingly paying attention to auto detailing because second-hand cars require more effort for care and maintenance.

With the aim to restore the used cars to like-new OEM status, PHILISN used advanced chemical technology and redefined DIY car detailing with innovative green, safe formula to help car owners wash and care for their vehicles in the most convenient, effective and money-saving way.

Used cars usually look luster-lost due to the length of service time. Exposed to various extreme weather and eroded by rain and UV rays every day, the car paint will fade in colour, oxidize and even rust in varying degrees, resulting in the thinning of the protective layer and the reduction in its service longevity.

It is recommended to use PHILISN LUXURIOUS SUDS, a highly concentrated car wash shampoo blended with synthetic wax, to refresh the exterior appearance.

It can foam super-rich thick bubbles like snow covering on car surface and gently rinse away dirt, stains, and road grime, revealing a luxurious gloss. 

PHILISN’s exclusively designed environmentally sound formula with biodegradable technology is pH-balanced and absolutely surface friendly, cleaning cars effectively for a tremendous brilliant shine while also preventing swirling and scratching.

Suppose detailers want to apply a strong protectant on the car paint to prolong its lifespan. In that case, PHILISN QUICK SHINE CERAMIC WAX allows for adequate bonding to the car paint with upgraded synthetic polymer SiO2 plus NANO technology. It not only makes any paint colour radiant with intensity but also protects against contamination, pollution, and harmful elements.

Used car interior

If the interior of the second-hand car is made of leather, owners may notice that it loses luster and produces a peculiar smell as a result of long-term use. Also, some stains accumulates on the leather surface.

With the innovative bio-enzyme degradation technology, PHILISN’s all-purpose interior cleaner can virtually degrade and clean bacteria, stains and dust off all interior surfaces, thus restoring it to its original look and feel, providing a hassle-free car interior cleaner solution.

Furthermore, it can form a protective film to prevent ultraviolet rays from damaging the dashboard, door panels and seats, thereby delaying the aging of the interior.

It will take around $200 for a professional auto detailing for just once in the USA, which is expensive.

Hence, if car owners want to restore a second-hand car to a brand new vehicle and care it for a long time in a cheap but effective way, DIY car detailing at home with PHILISN can be an ideal choice. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)