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RHB promote the protection of ocean and marine life

RHB promote the protection of ocean and marine life

Kuala Lumpur – RHB Banking Group continues to contribute toward a more sustainable future through a gotong-royong initiative in the popular fishing village of Sekinchan, Selangor that saw over 70 RHBians joining forces with the village community towards the protection of ocean and marine life.

This initiative is part of the Group’s sustainability efforts in conserving the sea and marine ecosystem, in addition to fostering and integrating sustainable practices amongst the RHB employees and the community towards preserving the environment.

The gotong-royong also follows the Group’s highly successful Chinese New Year campaign film, “A Spark for Change” that tells a true story of 10 children who took it upon themselves to tackle their fishing village waste management crisis which eventually inspires the whole village to join in.

“The gotong-royong initiative in Sekinchan Village shows how small actions can create sparks of positive impact within the community. As an extension of our “A Spark for Change” campaign film, it promotes volunteerism amongst RHB employees and encourages them to take a more active role in bettering our community and preserving the environment, particularly the beaches and sea.

RHBians who had volunteered in the initiative, also known as the RHB Blue Army worked together with the Sekinchan village community, had cleaned up 1,300kg in waste items. This waste items   would otherwise have made its way into the sea, adding to underwater pollution and harming the delicate balance within the sea and marine ecosystem.

Through our various community-driven initiatives, we are working towards building a more sustainable future. In this instance, we are promoting the cleaning up of plastic and other harmful waste material along the shoreline before it makes its way into the sea and pollutes the marine ecosystem.

We look forward to further promoting our values and in taking a lead towards a better and more sustainable environment by working closely with even more local communities,” said Jeffrey Ng, Managing Director of Group Community Banking, RHB Banking Group.

RHB Banking Group continues to organise and facilitate eco-friendly practices within the Group towards improving its operational footprint and contribute positive impacts to the environment.