Risen Energy Hits New Record of 23.65% in Heterojunction Module Efficiency

Risen Energy Hits New Record of 23.65% in Heterojunction Module Efficiency

NINGBO, China, Dec, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Risen Energy Co., Ltd has recently announced that TÜV Rheinland, a world-leading third-party testing and certification organization, confirmed that its high-efficiency heterojunction module series have achieved a maximum power of 721.016W and a module efficiency of 23.65 percent, once again breaking its own record of 23.08 percent set in July 2021.

As a leader in heterojunction technology, Risen Energy has broken its own HJT world record three times in one year, constantly challenging limits and achieving new innovations in technology.

The module combined the latest heterojunction cell and advanced packaging technologies, with ultra-high efficiency HJT cell and ultra-low module packaging loss, thus achieving a steady improvement in efficiency. In addition, the company manufactures heterojunction cells and modules with a bifacial rate exceeding 80%, an excellent temperature coefficient, and three times the IEC reliability requirement, becoming an indispensable component in the transformation of how energy is created and delivered.

With its advantages of high efficiency and high power generation, HJT’s proportion of the photovoltaic market is constantly increasing.

Liu Yafeng, Risen Energy’s Senior Director of R&D said “We at Risen Energy have been dedicated to the research and development of high-efficiency cell module technology, to create more efficient and reliable products and provide our customers with higher power generation benefits and lower electricity costs. All the results we have achieved are the embodiment of our technical strengths that further bolster our confidence in the development of innovative technologies and products.

Looking forward, Risen Energy will continue to make R&D investments that facilitate the investigation and development of more efficient cell and module solutions, that meet the needs of green energy transformation, and that help open the global zero-carbon era.”