Roaring Tiger surprise from Domino Pizza for the elderly

Roaring Tiger surprise from Domino Pizza for the elderly

KUALA LUMPUR, 31 January 2022 – Linda Hassan, Group Chief Marketing Officer at Domino’s Pizza Malaysia, Singapore & Cambodia says the company brought more smiles to the elderly this Chinese New year.

She says Domino Pizza decided to ‘Sow Seeds of Joy’ to lift the spirits of residents of Attia Nursing Care Centre in Petaling Jaya.

“At Domino’s, we hope to bring more smiles to the faces of fellow Malaysians during this auspicious time, especially the elderly in our communities.

“We would also like to highlight to Malaysians that composting our pizza boxes in your garden can help you sow seeds of joy long after the pizzas have been eaten.

“This is our way of advocating and supporting sustainable practices among Malaysians for a greener environment that also positively impacts our mental health,” says Linda.

The company sent Chinese New Year Roaring Festive Sets and carried out a creative seed planting activity using used pizza boxes the week before the annual celebrations.

Residents of Attia Nursing Care Centre and Domino_s employees composting pizza boxes to nourish the soil where seeds were planted to bring nature to the doorstep of residents for improved mental health

Seed planting

Domino’s staff members feasted with 17 residents and walked six of them through the process of planting some seeds in soil mixed with cut up pieces of Domino’s pizza boxes which helps nourish the soil as the boxes turn to compost.

Domino_s Pizza employees sowing seeds with residents of Attia Nursing Care Centre to celebrate Chinese New Year

“Residents were thrilled to engage in the activity with some of them attempting to compost a small amount of organic waste together with the pizza boxes to help improve soil quality,” the company says in a media release.

For Linda, sowing seeds of joy among residents of Attia Nursing Care Centre not only brings smiles to their faces and but, “also brings value to residents long after we’re gone.”

“We wanted to do something that would make a positive, meaningful and lasting impact for the residents of the home and decided to think out of the pizza box for an idea that would truly make a difference.

“Since our pizza boxes are a good source of carbon material for compost, we wanted to incorporate it into our ‘Sow Seeds of Joy’ activity with the residents.

“This activity brought lots of cheer to residents and Domino’s employees, and it is also a great way to reduce our carbon footprint by composting pizza boxes and growing plants to absorb carbon from the atmosphere,” she says.