RockFlow invests $10m in an investment paradise for Gen Zs

RockFlow invests $10m in an investment paradise for Gen Zs

BEIJING, May 18, 2022 — RockFlow, a one-stop investment platform, has announced the completion of a $10 million angel round of funding from Bluerun Ventures and other world-leading VC firms.

The financing is mainly for the company to expand the team and develop AI-driven products. Founded in July 2021, the newborn company is committed to becoming the Robinhood of Asia, providing a global one-stop investment service for Gen Z.

“The new generation will have a strong demand for investment and financing when they grow up, but the investment products in the market now are still very traditional and complex, which has become an obstacle for those young people to participate in,” an investor of RockFlow says.

“Robinhood’s outbreak during the pandemic proved the potential of the investment market, which is why I am so bullish on RockFlow.”

RockFlow robo-advisors

The aim of RockFlow is to make investing easy and fun for first-time investors. Powered by artificial intelligence technology, RockFlow provides robo-advisors with portfolios tailored to each individual’s risk profile and investment goals.

It also uses algorithms to customize investment reports and data analysis tools based on users’ preferences.

“Whether it’s value investor or quantitative investor, everyone should have their preferred brokerage platform and enjoy the fun in the investment wonderland.” RockFlow founder Vakee Lai says.

With the mission of reducing the barriers to investing, RockFlow allows its users to open an account in less than 2 minutes and invest in fractions of US/Hong Kong stocks for as little as $1. With just a few taps on RockFlow’s platform, users can invest in stocks, futures, forex, bonds, fractional shares, ETFs, mutual funds to enjoy a one-stop investment experience.

The team members of RockFlow come from top technology companies and colleges, with cross-innovation backgrounds in artificial intelligence, financial engineering and the Internet, with study and work experience overseas, and with excellent performance in stocks, futures and other derivatives investment in the Chinese, British and American markets.

Speaking of the original intention of founding RockFlow, Vakee, who has years of investment experience, says, “I enjoy investment very much, so I want to create a smart product and let more people experience the fun of it.  /PRNewswire/