S P Setia Bags Gold for Excellence in Women Empowerment Strategy

S P Setia Bags Gold for Excellence in Women Empowerment Strategy

Setia Alam, Shah Alam – S P Setia has been awarded Gold for Excellence in Women Empowerment Strategy at the Human Resources (HR) Excellence Awards 2021 on 26 November 2021. The award is a nod to the Group’s initiatives that enable women empowerment and promote diversity and inclusion at the workplace.

“Setia strives to cultivate a sustainable workplace where female employees and all of Team Setia are empowered and given the right support for individual development. We are proud to be recognised for our effort and will continue advancing diversity & inclusion agenda at all levels in the organisation to produce long-term success,” said S P Setia’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Nadiah Tan Abdullah.

With a focus on empowering women, S P Setia launched its women network, Women of Inspiration (WIN@Setia), in March 2017, part of its more extensive ‘Diversity and Inclusion framework.

“Employee wellbeing and empathetic leadership have been our core themes, and we strive to do better every day. The strength of our leadership across all levels and deep commitment from all the ladies have helped us get through the challenges during the pandemic, and we do this via the varied channels of engagement and policies that empower Women in Setia,” she continued.

Championed by Team Setia’s women employees, WIN@Setia focuses on four key areas which make up the 4Rs:

– to Realise the potential of female talents through development initiatives and employee value proposition

– to Retain the Group’s female talent pool by providing the right work environment which supports their career aspirations and personal growth

– to Raise the ladder by accelerating the female representation in the middle and senior management positions

– to Respect employees as unique individuals by creating an inclusive and supportive environment

S P Setia’s women network engages employees regularly throughout the year with various activities and programmes. Among its initiatives are the Women4Women (W4W) mentoring programme, women empowerment focus groups named WIN Circles and Circle of Respect (CORe) which is open to all Team Setia where guest speakers and internal mentors discuss topics on diversity and inclusion. International Women’s Day is also celebrated company-wide annually with ‘diversity and inclusion’ themed activities such as the Setia Women Run and educational workshops that build employee acceptance

and respect. With the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic, the WIN@Setia network has moved online to continue carrying out its initiatives virtually.

Since the launch of WIN@Setia, the Group has introduced enhanced benefits such as introducing more extended maternity leave for delivering mothers and flexible work arrangements for all employees. It also revised its corporate values to embrace diversity and togetherness among Team Setia and enhanced its Corporate Identity and Branding to have more inclusive representations in brand imagery.

In 2021, S P Setia has pledged as a Member of 30% Club Malaysia to commit to contributing through education and development programmes to enhance the capabilities of board-ready women directors. The Group also endeavours to advance gender equality with a pledge for 2021 UN Women Asia-Pacific Women Empowerment Principles (WEPs) signed in May this year.