Screena Releases The 1st Movie Set In The Sandbox

Screena Releases The 1st Movie Set In The Sandbox

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, May 28, 2022 — Screena formed an official partnership with the global metaverse platform The Sandbox. Screena will expand its content creation to the metaverse in The Sandbox and issue NFTs using its corn character ‘Ok-nim’ IP.

With its vision of W2E (Watch to Earn), Screena operates a social watching extension for OTT and YouTube, ‘Watch Party Platform’ along with an NFT project.

Screena started to connect the content industry with blockchain long before the NFT boom, working with the Busan International Film Festival, the NFT photo exhibition ‘Dear life’, and the drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ NFT, as well as issuing its NFT, ‘Ok-nim’, last November which was traded for $39,000.

Last month, Screena successfully expanded its content creation effort to the metaverse by releasing ‘Ok-nim Begins‘, the first movie produced in The Sandbox, reaching more than 410,000 views on Twitter.

Screena Metaverse studio

With the start of the partnership, Screena will build a metaverse broadcasting studio in the virtual space LAND in The Sandbox.

And produce not just the content based on its IP like ‘Ok-nim Begins’ but also join forces with other official partners for collaborative projects.

The content produced from the Screena metaverse broadcasting studio will be fully open to the public so that anyone can participate in creating UGC. In addition, the content can be distributed(Watch to Earn) with Screena’s own watchparty solution.

Screena also plans to host a global metaverse content fair in The Sandbox to contribute directly to the metaverse content industry.

Screena CEO Ken Kim says, “After watching our movie, many people told us how ‘new’ the movie felt. We think metaverse will become a creative space where not just games but many diverse contents will emerge. We plan to create fun in many different forms in The Sandbox.” /