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Seizing the Future Leaderonomics Community Launches Youth Leadership Program

Seizing the Future Leaderonomics Community Launches Youth Leadership Program

Kuala Lumpur, 3 January 2021 — A country’s vibrant future depends on its youth, and in that spirit, Leaderonomics Community is excited to announce their Youth Leadership Program (YLP), a new initiative that strives to grow youths into leaders that will help transform and shape our nation.

There are more than 14.6 million Malaysians aged between 15-39 years old; a staggering 45% of our population, according to the National Statistics Department. Offered to youths between the ages of 13-18 years old from the B40 and refugee community in Malaysia, YLP enables these future leaders to gain access to inspiring, high quality, and relevant online leadership development modules, insights and mentorship that will equip them to lead and serve in the future.

Shaping the Leaders of the Future through the Science of Building Leaders
YLP, officially launched on September 5th this year, is created based on Leaderonomics’ heavily researched leadership framework – Science of Building Leaders. It follows a progressive Leadership Development skilling journey that is interactive, collaborative and it is delivered via Leaderonomics’ own learning application, NECOLE, which is a learning platform that provides AI-powered personalised content. It is mapped according to leadership competencies and roles that can ensure that individuals are given the opportunity to develop based on their own needs.

Content-wise, YLP leverages off of the specially curated Leaderonomics Club Module 1, courtesy of Leaderonomics Community to provide the youths with the fundamental leadership training they deserve. This module covers the basic traits of Leadership such as enthusiasm, responsibility and creativity, carefully distributed throughout the 1-year programme, through a 1 month 1 trait basis.

Each month, the traits are embedded in the participants through a series of 1-hour weekly lessons which include live coaching sessions, self-study materials, online quizzes through NECOLE and meet and greet sessions with guest leaders.

Partnership with Yayasan Chow Kit
YLP’s first cohort is a partnership with Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK), a non-profit organisation that was incorporated in 2010 and caters to the needs of children and teenagers in and around Chow Kit. The strategic partnership sees 20 youths from diverse backgrounds under YCK coming on board to participate in the programme and be provided with monthly mobile data in order to support their online leadership journey.

Roshan Thiran, Founder and CEO of Leaderonomics says, “The work that Yayasan Chow Kit (YCK) does with at-risk children and teenagers around Chow Kit makes a huge difference to the community there. At Leaderonomics, we believe that empowering youth with the right skills and leadership capabilities enables them to build the future. In this strategic partnership, we are so pleased to be able to partner with YCK and empower and enable their kids to grow through this 1-year leadership development programme. The kids are hungry for growth and we look forward to supporting them to be change-makers and leaders of the future.”

Ananti Rajasingam, Chief Executive Officer at YCK says, “The youths, when empowered and given the right opportunities, are effective drivers of change. We are truly grateful for this partnership with Leaderonomics as the holistic programme will not only be able to benefit our youth, but also enhance their leadership capabilities. Through this partnership, we are excited to see participants would advance and develop their abilities in making decisions affecting them, and strengthening their ability to advance human rights and development issues such as health, education and employment.”

The first session, which was kickstarted on 12 September 2021, has already seen the participants indulging in the interactive sessions and lessons served to them. “It was really fun and enjoyable. I get to learn a lot of things step by step. We can even review what we learned when we don’t understand or would like to understand more. The lessons are easy to understand and I am really enjoying this programme,” says one of the participants.

“This programme has allowed me to bond with amazing people which helped me grow. It made me listen to beautiful stories through shared moments and also helped me develop new skills especially technical and communication skills. The knowledge from each session also made me reflect back and see areas which I may improve to be a better person every day,” a facilitator adds.

YLP is a 1-year programme that is curriculum-based and is a fully digital programme designed to provide accessibility to Leadership Skilling. Unique from the youth camps and conventions offered by the Community arm of Leaderonomics, YLP aims to see more youths becoming a part of it in the near future. For more