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Sherry Singh: People and Opposition Must Unite

Sherry Singh: People and Opposition Must Unite

In a bold move, the former CEO of Telecom Mauritius Sherry Singh today met with several political leaders to step up pressure on the government and particularly on embattled Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

In his media interventions, he particular emphasised on the need for the opposition parties to unite and to find a common date for a massive demonstration against Jugnauth.

There are reports that some political organisations plan to organise their own rallies, thus dividing the opposition grouping with the risk of creating a situation where the government feels stronger.

Basically, Singh says there is a need for the people to get the right signal from the opposition forces. He met with Navin Ramgoolam, the leader of the Labour Party to discuss the need for such unity.

In the past, the Labour Party organised its own rallies to try to show that it is a very strong political force on the Island. But this did not contribute to shaking the Jugnauth regime. Instead, Jugnauth became bolder and committed more mistakes and errors in power without any one being able to dislodge him.

Sherry Singh also met with Bruneau Laurette, the new political leader who gathered massive crowds in rallies in the wake of the Wakasio scandal.