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SingHealth and Hitachi Forge Path to Future Healthcare through ODySSEy Initiative

The synergy between SingHealth and Hitachi gave rise to the Modern Research Data Science Platform (MRDSP) solution, a meticulously crafted system

Health and Wellness

Singapore Health Service, widely recognized as SingHealth, stands as Singapore's largest consortium of healthcare institutions.

Amid a burgeoning healthcare market anticipated to reach 125.3 million users by 2027, SingHealth remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionize health services and construct a resilient infrastructure capable of proactively adapting to the dynamic needs of Singapore's population health and swiftly addressing challenges.

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To materialize this vision, SingHealth has embarked on the On-Premise Research Data Science and Systems Explorer (ODySSEy) initiative. This strategic move aligns with SingHealth's focus on research and innovation while fostering collaborations with external medical research entities. To bring ODySSEy to fruition, SingHealth turned to Hitachi, capitalizing on the company's expertise in data science and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

The SingHealth-Hitachi deal

The synergy between SingHealth and Hitachi gave rise to the Modern Research Data Science Platform (MRDSP) solution, a meticulously crafted system with intelligence and open-sourced framework sustainability at its core. Tailored to address SingHealth's business needs, the MDRDSP solution encompasses essential capabilities, including data ingestion, data integration and storage, integration with data de-identification, security and access controls, data cataloging, containerization, and repository and version control.

ODySSEy emerges as a groundbreaking development in healthcare research, empowered by the collaborative efforts of Hitachi and SingHealth. This purpose-built data science platform equips researchers with a suite of tools, enabling the seamless ingestion, processing, storage, and access of data within a self-service data science workspace. The platform's primary goal is to enhance the understanding of patients and offer deeper insights into treatment strategies.

Facilitating collaboration on a global scale, ODySSEy enables over 1,000 researchers from local and international medical institutes to concurrently work on diverse research projects. This fosters swift cross-collaboration while maintaining robust security measures to safeguard patient data and medical records, thereby redefining the standards of collaborative research.

Looking ahead, it is projected that by 2026, 55% of healthcare institutions in the Asia Pacific region will implement data governance to ensure ethical AI usage in predictive, preventive, and personalized care. This reflects the industry's growing commitment to utilizing AI technologies responsibly, emphasizing patient privacy, fairness, and transparency.

Healthech Solutions

In a healthcare sector clamoring for transformation, where precision and speed can be a matter of life and death, Hitachi's Healthtech solutions emerge as a catalyst for innovation, reshaping healthcare through the lens of data. Hitachi spearheads this transformative journey, envisioning a future where technology supports the development of superior medicine, enhanced patient engagement, and overall better health for the people.

In summation, the collaborative partnership between SingHealth and Hitachi, epitomized by the development of the ODySSEy platform, marks a significant stride toward the future of medical research. This alliance transcends the mere utilization of technology; it signifies leveraging technological prowess to make a tangible impact on people's lives. As we gaze into the future, SingHealth and Hitachi emerge as trailblazers, leading the charge in transforming healthcare through innovation and setting a benchmark for others to emulate.